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Peanut Butter Banana Stuffed French Toast

Yesterday I had my meals opposite of normal.  I ate veggie quiche for breakfast (a stretch for me to eat eggs in the morning, but trying to branch out with my breakfast foods).  And I made french toast for dinner!  This was not my usual french toast by any means.  A few months ago I saw an episode of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on Food Network.  And they showed a stuffed french toast at some restaurant.  I thought, I bet I could make something like that.  Sounds simple and good.  I did a search on the FN website and found a recipe for it.  I finally got around to making it yesterday.  I mostly followed the recipe, except I skipped the rum 😛  This was really good!!!  Almost like eating dessert for dinner 😛  But really it is quite healthy…whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter, banana, eggs…all good things.  Yes, you add a little butter and sugar.  But I still consider it pretty good.  Plus it’s another quick and easy meal.  We all liked it.  Rebecca loved dipping hers in powdered sugar (“dip, dip, dip”).  For me personally, though, I think there was too much spice.  The next time I make it (I’m sure there will be a next time:) I think I’ll simplify it a lot and just do the peanut butter and banana (no honey) and then use my usual french toast mix (just eggs and milk) and skip all the other stuff.  Sometimes simple is the best.  Either way this is a tasty, unique way to make french toast.  And it could be a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert!  I had plenty of batter leftover after making 3 sandwiches.  I made 2 more slices of regular french toast with it and still had some left.  You could easily make 4 sandwiches with this.  I also did not remove the crusts from the bread.  I don’t see why that’s necessary.  Just wasteful in my opinion.

Peanut Butter Banana Stuffed French Toast

6 slices day-old white or wheat bread
1 to 2 ripe bananas (I used 1 large banana)
8 Tbsp. creamy peanut butter (I didn’t measure this…just put a very thin layer on each slice)
Honey, for drizzling
4 eggs
1/4 cup heavy cream (I used 1% milk)
1 Tbsp. vanilla (I added about a tsp.)
1 Tbsp. dark rum (I skipped this)
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
Dash salt
Butter or oil, for frying (I used a little butter)
Powdered sugar, for topping
Maple Syrup, for topping
Remove crust from bread (I didn’t do this). Lay bread out on counter and spread a thin layer of peanut butter on each slice. Peel banana and slice enough to cover every other piece of bread. (You will be making 3 complete sandwiches). Drizzle a small amount of honey on each piece of bread that does not have banana on it. (These are the tops). Place honey drizzled piece of bread on top of a piece with bananas on it to make a sandwich. Repeat until you have made 3 sandwiches.

In a shallow medium sized bowl, gently whip, by hand, the eggs, cream, vanilla, rum, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt.

Heat skillet to medium heat, around 350 to375 degrees F, or until butter melts and begins to sizzle. Dip 1 sandwich at a time into rum batter and place into skillet. Cook until golden brown (about 3 to 4 minutes before turning) on each side. Remove from skillet and cut in 1/2 diagonally. Top with powdered sugar, butter and maple syrup.

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  1. Sara says:

    Yum! I’ve seen lots of recipes for stuffed french toasts that look delicious, but have never made any of them. I should sometime – we all love french toast, but rarely have it b/c its loaded with calories… especially the stuffed kinds. I just threw this in an analyzer and there are over 750 calories per sandwich/serving in this!! It sure looks and sounds fabulous, though!! 🙂

  2. Mary Voogt says:

    I guess you can make it better or worse for you. I didn’t use nearly that much peanut butter. I can’t imagine using over 2 Tbsp. per sandwich. I doubt I used 1 per sandwich. Just a very thin layers. And I used about 1/3 of a banana on each…really not much. And just a little bit of honey. And low fat milk, not heavy cream. I bet you could use just egg whites too. Or at least half egg whites. Anyway, ours definitely was not as bad as the original recipe. And you could always just have a half piece and serve it with other stuff. I just had fresh pineapple on the side. Justin had some bacon too :p I don’t count calories anyway…just use good/healthy ingredients (whole wheat bread, natural pb (healthy fat) and banana) and eat normal portions. And it all balances out.

  3. Don Voogt says:

    Sounds good, but on further thought…my system would not want to give up those other great veggie based soups and other great dishes you make. Very glad to read about your thyroid levels. You deserve a break for awhile!

    Love, Dad

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