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Pregnancy is exciting and scary at the same time. There is so much to do, and there are so many decisions to make. So, are you REALly ready for a baby?

Are You REALly Ready for a Baby?

Pregnancy is exciting and scary at the same time. There is so much to do, and there are so many decisions to make. So, are you REALly ready for a baby?

Pregnancy is exciting and scary at the same time. There is so much to do, and there are so many decisions to make. So, are you REALly ready for a baby?

I knew nothing about real food and natural living when I got pregnant with my first child. And there was nothing natural about the process of fertility treatments with no explanation why my body wasn’t working.

Fast forward a few years (and more treatments and another child) to when I got pregnant naturally with my third. I knew so much more. My lifestyle was so drastically different (like drinking raw milk and eating raw liver instead of being terrified of anything raw during pregnancy).

It was almost like for the first time I was REALly ready for a baby.

Pregnancy is exciting and scary at the same time. There is so much to do, and there are so many decisions to make. So, are you REALly ready for a baby?

What Was Missing?

As I look back on all three pregnancies there is one thing I wish I had had – a week-by-week guide based on a traditional way of living.

For all you mamas-to-be you are in luck! It does exist now!!

The Mama Natural Week-By-Week Guide To Pregnancy and Childbirth has everything you ever wanted to know – from what’s going on during the first two weeks (that you aren’t actually pregnant) to natural birthing options, placenta encapsulation and best stroller options. For real, it has everything!

Genevieve Howland (author and founder of mamanatural.com) has helpful tips on easing morning sickness naturally, what nutrients you and your baby need at different stages and the benefits of breastfeeding.

Pregnancy is exciting and scary at the same time. There is so much to do, and there are so many decisions to make. So, are you REALly ready for a baby?

Great Read

I’m a Type A person that wants to read every little detail about what’s going on during pregnancy. I sometimes wish there was a day-by-day or hour-by-hour handbook (seriously, I’d read it). So it’s been so fascinating (even when not pregnant!) to read this amazing resource.

In fact, it’s so cool I’ve caught my nine-year-old reading it!! I’m just careful about which parts she’s reading.

Pregnancy is exciting and scary at the same time. There is so much to do, and there are so many decisions to make. So, are you REALly ready for a baby?

Get Yourself Ready

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or know someone else who is this book is a MUST! Grab a copy for yourself and one to give away.

Looking back on my baby shower there are really only a handful of things I needed – cloth diapers, a good baby carrier (love my BabyHawk!), a bouncy seat…and a pregnancy guide that showed me how to do things the REAL way.

Are you REALly ready for a baby? That’s kind of a loaded question – nobody is really. But whether you feel ready or not, the Mama Natural Week-By-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth is for you!

I have been compensated for my time to write this review but all opinions expressed are my own. I have not been paid to post a positive review.

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Broth For Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs

Broth For Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs | Homemade Dutch Apple PieBy now I’m sure you’ve heard about the benefits of bone broth.  It is great for healing the gut, for boosting the immune system and for adding essential vitamins and minerals to the diet.  It is important to consume broth every day.

But what if you don’t like soup?  Or maybe you just can’t stomach plain broth?  There are many recipes that incorporate broth.  I have a lot of delicious ones on my site, like sloppy joes, sweet and sour meatballs, beef stroganoff and stir fry.

Those are great lunch and dinner options  But I personally like to start my day with broth.  I love getting a nutritional boost right away.  Plus I think it’s important to eat a big breakfast to really fuel your body.

I do eat soup most mornings.  It’s easy.  I just use whatever broth and leftover meat and vegetables I have on hand.  But I know not everyone can stomach the idea of soup for breakfast.Broth For Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

So I’ve come up with some easy ways to get broth into your breakfast.  You won’t even know you’re eating it!

One way to easily eat broth for breakfast is in your scrambled eggs.  I came up with this version of eggs for my son who is allergic to dairy.  I couldn’t use raw milk in his scrambled eggs.  But milk alternatives can give a strange flavor.  So I started using broth.  It works so well!

Skip the milk.  Add some broth to your eggs and cook them as usual.  It gives the eggs a great flavor!  Plus you’re getting a nutritional boost.  The combination of broth and eggs is a power packed breakfast.  Add a piece of toast with homemade jam and you’ve got a complete meal to really fuel you for the day.

Do you start your day with broth?  It just got a little easier.Broth For Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Broth For Breakfast Series: Scrambled Eggs
Serves 2
Scrambled eggs cooked in broth.
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  1. 1/2 cup broth
  2. 3 eggs
  3. sea salt and pepper to taste
  4. 2 Tbsp. coconut oil, butter, lard or bacon grease
  1. Heat the broth and oil in a small skillet.
  2. Once the broth starts to simmer add the eggs and seasoning.
  3. Stir the eggs to break the yolks and cook as you would regular scrambled eggs.
Just Take A Bite http://justtakeabite.com/

In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. It will not change the cost of any products or services for you.

Simple Smoothie Series: True Blue-Berry

Simple Smoothie Series: True Blue-Berry || Homemade Dutch Apple PieToday I’ve got a smoothie that is sure to please everyone.  Who doesn’t love blueberries?!

This true blue-berry smoothie gives a double shot of flavor with both whole blueberries and blueberry juice.

A blueberry smoothie is great for really little ones because you can leave out the sweetener and it still has a lot of flavor.  Just be careful how you serve it so it doesn’t get on everything!

If you or your kids are adventurous you can also add a few pieces of roasted beets.  A little goes a long way in terms of changing the flavor.  But it also adds a lot of nutrition.  If you don’t tell your kids it’s in there they might not know.  It won’t change the color.

You can also easily add elderberry syrup to a blueberry smoothie for extra immune system support.

If you are dairy free you can leave out the yogurt and add a bit of powdered probiotics instead.  The smoothie will taste great without the yogurt.  Or you can add some coconut milk for texture.

Every summer we load up on fresh Michigan blueberries while they are in season and freeze them.  Then all winter long we can have delicious smoothies like this, knowing we’re using fruit from the peak of freshness.

If you do not have a blueberry stash in your freezer you can get frozen organic blueberries at the store.  They are a better option than any fresh berries you find in the winter since it is not blueberry season.

Blueberries are my favorite fruit…and a blueberry smoothie is my favorite flavor.  What’s yours?Simple Smoothie Series: True Blue-Berry || Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Simple Smoothie Series: True Blue-Berry
Serves 2
A healthy smoothie bursting with blueberry flavor.
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  1. 1/2 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  2. 1/4 cup pure blueberry juice
  3. 1/2 cup plain whole milk yogurt or coconut milk yogurt
  4. 2 egg yolks
  5. 2 Tbsp. honey
  6. 1/4 tsp. sea salt
  7. 1 Tbsp. roasted beet (optional)
  8. 2 Tbsp. elderberry syrup (optional)
  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator or freezer.
  1. To make this into popsicles simply pour the smoothie into popsicle molds and freeze until solid.
  2. If you serving the smoothie to a child under one year of age leave out the honey.
  3. You can omit the egg yolks if you are allergic to eggs.
  4. The yogurt can be left out or replaced with coconut milk yogurt or coconut milk to make this dairy free.
Just Take A Bite http://justtakeabite.com/

In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog.

In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. It will not change the cost of any products or services for you.

Meal Plans Week of 2-6-11

In the words of my husband, “Super Bowl, Super Bowl.” ūüôā¬† Go Pack Go!¬† And to my dad – Happy Birthday!¬† Another week.¬† Plenty to do as always.

Last week was another productive one.¬† I made peanut butter ice cream, strawberry milkshakes, taco dip, bbq sauce, bean paste, sprouted wheat flour, cream cheese, kefir, soft pretzels, cream cheese dip and¬†grain free granola.¬† I also baked my nephew’s birthday cake yesterday.¬† Glad that’s in the¬†freezer and ready to go.¬† It’s a bit scary to do a 12″ cake because it’s so big.¬† But it turned out well.¬† Now I can focus on the decorations over the next 2 weeks.¬† I also started working on my nursing cover.¬† It’s all cut out.¬† So this week it’s time to start sewing!

This week will be normal busy, but not chaotic.¬† Today is church and Super Bowl.¬† We’re not going to a party.¬† But I’m still going to have lots of fun food.¬† I already prepped some of it this morning.¬† Tomorrow is Harvest Health and gymnastics.¬† In the evening I’m going out for dinner with a friend.¬† Tuesday is Anna’s Circle and our last milk pick up.¬† One more week of the good stuff, then it’s back to Mooville.¬† Wednesday is Kindermusik and Meijer.¬† No plans right now for Thursday and Friday.¬† That will be a treat.¬† Saturday we’re going to another Calvin basketball game and celebrating my mom’s, dad’s and brother’s birthdays.¬† We’ll have them over to our house after the game.¬† I think we’re just getting take out for dinner.¬† And I’ll make some kind of dessert.¬† I haven’t decided what yet.

Not too much work in the kitchen planned so far.¬† I think I’m going to make fermented ketchup this week since I have a bunch of whey to use up.¬† And I might try making an electrolyte drink.¬† I feel dehydrated all the time, even though I drink a ton.¬† And digestion is getting tougher and tougher by the day as the baby grows.¬† I feel like I need a better way to get fluid in my body that I can absorb.¬† I need to start working on cake decorations for my nephew’s cake…getting things drawn and laid out so it’s ready to go next week.¬† And I want to do some sewing.¬† I also want to start working on toy organization.¬† We got some shelves/baskets for Rebecca’s room.¬† So hopefully I can start making progress on that.

That’s about it for this week.¬† By the end of the week I’ll be heading into the 3rd trimester.¬† So I’m trying to serve seafood at least once a week.¬† Lately I’m starting to wonder if there is a full 3 ring circus in my belly ūüėõ¬† This little one sure is strong!¬† Only 13 weeks to go.

One other note РI added a recipe page to my blog.  So it will be easier to find a recipe quickly.  Bear with me while I go through them to make sure all of the recipes listed have been updated and our NT compatible.  It will take a while.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week.

S (cook salmon, prep salmon cakes, make layer dip, boil eggs, church, clean shower drain, organize toys, make deviled eggs, make popcorn, Super Bowl)
  B Рyogurt, grain free granola, squash (me), sourdough pancakes w/ blueberry topping, banana (Justin)
¬† L –¬†salmon¬†cakes, peas, peaches
¬† D –¬†mexican¬†layer dip, tortilla chips,¬†packers eggs, kettle corn, crackers w/ cheese and sausage

M (make ketchup, prep dinner, HH, gymnastics, put away laundry, dinner w/ friend)
  B Рavocado and cheddar omelet, toast OR leftover deviled eggs, squash (me), sourdough blueberry muffins, banana (Justin)
  D РPanera Bread (me), goulash, corn, garlic toast (Justin)

T (prep smoothies, feed sd, AC, organize toys, milk, class, soak quinoa)
  B Рstrawberry, cherry, avocado kefir smoothie
  D Рleftover deviled eggs and mexican layer dip

W (sewing, make kefir, KM, Meijer, soak walnuts)
  B Рwarm and nutty cinnamon quinoa
  D Рsloppy cornbread, beans, pearsauce

Th (prep soup, cake planning, make graham crackers, sewing, dry walnuts)
  B Рstrawberry(me)/strawberry banana(Justin) milkshake, fruit, avocado
  D Рpea soup with ham, sourdough bread

F (clean, make muesli, thaw pie)
  B Рgrain free muesli
  D Рhashbrown egg bake (half w/o potatoes for me), broccoli, cauliflower, pearsauce, sourdough bread

S (sewing, bake pie, clean, laundry, Calvin bball, take out/celebrate Feb. birthdays, soak beans)
  B Рleftover hashbrown egg bake, avocado, toast
¬† D – take out from Olga’s, blueberry pie

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Meal Plans Week of 1-30-11

We made it through our chaotic week.¬† Thankful to have Justin back home safe and sound.¬† Only a few days left in January.¬† I’m already so anxious for spring, so it doesn’t bother me one bit ūüėõ

Last week was definitely busy.¬† But¬†very productive, especially in the kitchen (if you couldn’t tell by all of my recipe posts).¬† I made french dressing, honey mustard dressing, mayo, peanut butter bars, chocolate swirl bread, honey whole wheat bread, cinnamon raisin swirl bread, crispy pecans, pie crust (first attempt with palm shortening…worked great!), vanilla cookies, cream cheese/whey and kefir.¬† I also decorated a cake for my grandma’s birthday.¬† It felt good to do a lot of baking.¬† Aside from baking I did a lot of cleaning, hosted family, and Rebecca got to play with a different group of kids every day, including 2 playdates!¬† I started Anna’s Circle (a book study at a church nearby).¬†¬†I”m really looking forward to getting to know the women better and grow in my faith.¬† I went to Michael’s and stocked up on cake supplies.¬† And I made it to the fabric store and bought material to make a diaper bag, nursing cover and some cloth wipes.¬† I’m very anxious to get started.

This week won’t be quite as busy in terms of Justin’s schedule (thank goodness!!).¬† But I have something going on every day.¬† Today is church.¬† I have Little Lambs.¬† Monday is Harvest Health and gymnastics.¬† Tuesday is milk pick up and Meijer.¬† And Justin has class.¬† Wednesday is Kindermusik.¬† Thursday I have an appt. with my psychologist.¬† Friday is MOPS.¬† No plans yet for Saturday, but I’m thinking we’ll be running errands.¬† When I have other stuff going on every day of the week it’s hard to find time to run errands.¬† I really need to do some birthday/Valentine’s Day shopping.

In the kitchen I’ve already been busy.¬† I made bbq sauce, pinto beans, mashed potatoes (for lunch), put ribs in the crockpot and started sprouting wheat berries this morning.¬† Later today I need to soak rice, dry wheat berries and make fermented bean paste.¬† Other than that this week I might make soft pretzels (with a kit I ordered from a fundraiser at church), hot fudge, cream cheese dip, grain free granola and more cream cheese.¬† I need to use some sourdough, so I think I’ll make pancakes.¬† And I’ll be giving more away at MOPS.¬† If time allows I would also like to get started baking cakes for a couple family parties coming up in February.

Not much other news.¬† Be on the lookout for February’s goals later this week.¬† Here’s what’s on the menu.
S (make bbq sauce, prep lunch, cook beans, sprout wheat berries, Little Lambs, soak rice or quinoa, dry wheat berries, make bean paste, grind flour)
¬† B –¬†leftover pancake and sausage muffins, fruit, roasted veggies
  L Рbbq short ribs, cheesy mashed potatoes, mixed veggies
  D Рtortilla chips w/ beefy cream cheese salsa dip, roasted veggies, strawberry milkshakes, applesauce

M (sewing, HH, gymnastics, put away laundry, grind flour)
  B Рscrambled eggs w/ sausage, toast, leftover roasted veggies
  D Рstir fry over rice or quinoa hot dogs, tortilla chips w/ beefy cream cheese salsa dip, broccoli

T (prep smoothies, make cream cheese, clean stove, clean kitchen sink, clean kitchen sink drain, Meijer, milk, iron, make pretzels, class)
  B Рpineapple, cherry, strawberry, avocado kefir smoothies
  D Рleftovers

W (chop fruit, make dip, sewing, KM make hot fudge)
  B Рfresh fruit with cream cheese dip, crispy almonds (me), chewy granola bar (Justin)
¬† D –¬†chicken noodle soup¬†(me), pork chops,¬†baked potato, beans¬†(Justin)

Th (prep smoothies, chop veggies, feed sd, Dr. V., make ice cream, clean bathroom sink drains)
  B Рpineapple, blueberry, cherry kefir smoothies
  D РCA BLT (w/ homemade mayo and homemade ww bread), roasted cauliflower, applesauce

F (clean, make kefir, MOPS (bring sd))
  B Рfried eggs, avocado, toast
  D Рsd pancakes w/ blueberry topping and crispy pecans, bacon, pineapple

S (sleep, make grain free granola,¬†laundry, co-op order,¬†shop for Rebecca’s room, Target, HF, bake cake)
  B Рyogurt, granola, pineapple (me), pancakes (Justin)
  D Рcream cheese omelet, squash, fruit

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Meal Plans Week of 1-23-11

Last full week of January already.¬† And it’ll probably fly by.¬† Even with Justin gone!¬† Once again we have something going on just about every day this week.¬† Maybe that’s good a thing ūüėõ

Last week was fun and fairly productive.¬† I got some organizing done in Rebecca’s new closet.¬† And got rid of a bunch of my old clothes.¬† Rebecca got tested for lead.¬† We’re still waiting for the results.¬† I had my glucose test…and passed!!¬† Another testament to me being healthier now.¬† I failed the 1 hour test when I was pregnant with Rebecca.¬† We had a playdate and MOPS.¬† Two days in a row of friends and fun.¬† I also had my first attempt at converting my standard white cake recipe to a healthier version…and it worked!!!¬† I’ll be decorating the cake this week for my grandma’s birthday.¬† We also had most of my family over again yesterday.¬† As always we enjoyed the company, especially Rebecca and her cousin ūüôā

This week Justin will be out of town for work.¬† So meals this week will be a bit different than normal.¬† I have tons of salad left over from our gathering yesterday.¬† So I’ll be eating salad almost¬†all week (except Wed.)¬†ūüôā¬† And Rebecca will eat all of the toppings separately, plus extra veggies.¬†¬†We also have some leftover sloppy joe meat to use up.¬† So¬†not a ton of cooking going on this week.¬† It’s nice to have a little break.¬† I do still hope to get some stuff done in the kitchen though.¬† I boiled eggs, cooked beans, made¬†kefir¬†and made french salad dressing (recipe to come) this morning.¬† I might make some mayo today to use in salad dressing and egg salad.¬† I might also attempt to make bread (whole wheat, sourdough, cinnamon, chocolate swirl?)¬†this afternoon or another day this week.¬† We’ll see how motivated I am.¬† I might make a batch of gluten free cookies.¬† If I find decent walnuts and/or pecans this week I’ll make crispy nuts.¬† I’m running low on those.¬† I also have to frost and decorate a cake for a family party this week.¬† Since it’ll just be me in the morning for breakfast I think I’m going to make a couple big batches of smoothies to have all week.¬† Healthy and tasty!!¬† I also want to make cream cheese for a recipe next week.¬† Aside from food I need to keep up with all of the regular stuff (including all the stuff Justin normally helps with).¬† This includes the weekly cleaning.¬† I almost always do my weekly house cleaning on Fridays.¬† And I always just put “clean” on my to-do list.¬† Just thought I’d expand on what that generally means.¬† My minimum for my Friday cleaning is to clean all of the bathrooms (all 3!), put out fresh linens (beds, towels, etc.) and¬†gather and sort laundry.¬† Often it also includes cleaning floors (wipe kitchen floor, swiffer, vacuum) and cleaning other areas in the kitchen.¬† Makes for a long Friday, but it feels good at the end of the day/week to have a clean house.

So, busy week.¬† Today is church.¬† I’ll be helping with Little Lambs.¬† Justin leaves later today.¬† Monday is Harvest Health and gymnastics.¬† I just joined a women’s book/Bible study at the church where I attend MOPS.¬† It starts this Tuesday morning.¬† I’m very excited about that!¬† I also have to pick up milk on Tuesday.¬† Wednesday is our first day of Kindermusik for the semester.¬† I know Rebecca will be excited after a few weeks off.¬† I also need to make a quick stop at Meijer after KM.¬† Wednesday afternoon/evening my parents and grandparents are coming over for dinner and cake to celebrate my grandma’s birthday.¬† Thursday I have a playdate with some MOPS moms.¬† Friday we don’t have any scheduled plans, but I might try to get to Michael’s to get cake supplies for upcoming cakes.¬† And Justin will be home, so it will be back to normal routine ūüôā¬† Saturday I might try to get to the fabric store and/or shop for birthday presents.¬† I have so many errands to run but never any time.¬† So maybe Justin can watch Rebecca for a bit so I can do some quick shopping.

In baby news we’ve passed the 24 week mark…viability!¬† I would never in a million years want my baby born this early.¬† But at least at this point the doctors would try to save the baby.¬† This little one seems to think it’s fun to sit down low and punch my bladder and intestines.¬† Not so fun for me ūüėõ¬† I am only about 3 weeks away from the 3rd trimester.¬† 15 weeks until the c-section.¬† We’re getting there ūüôā

I guess that’s all for now.¬† Here’s what’s on the menu.
potential salad toppings Рsloppy joe meat, ham, hard boiled eggs, bacon, cheese, crispy nuts, dried fruit, croutons, avocado, carrots, peas, pinto beans, chickpeas, homemade french and HM dressing

S (boil eggs, cook beans, make french dressing, clean kitchen sink, make kefir, church, Little Lambs, make mayo, make HM dressing, Justin leaves, bake gf bars)
  B Рsmoothie (me), yogurt, granola, fruit (Justin)
  L Рleftover sloppy joes, salad, chips, pears
  D Рsalad (me), egg salad sandwich (Justin Рearly)

M (thaw cake, make smoothies, bake chocolate swirl bread, HH, gymnastics, crumb coat cake, put away laundry, soak nuts)
  B Рkefir smoothie
  D Рsalad

T (frost cake, make quiche crust,¬†iron, Anna’s Circle, decorate cake,¬†milk,¬†dry nuts)
  B Рkefir smoothie
  D Рsalad

W (prep dinner, clean, KM, Meijer, birthday party, chop fruit and lettuce)
  B Рkefir smoothie
  D Рham and broccoli quiche, beans, applesauce, sweet bread or muffins

Th (make smoothies, bake whole wheat bread and cinnamon raisin bread, playdate, clean kitchen floor, Justin home)
  B Рkefir smoothie
  D Рleftover quiche

F (clean, Michael’s, playdate, chop veggies)
  B Рkefir smoothie (me), cinnamon raisin bread, pineapple (Justin)
  D Рtacos/taco salad

S (sleep, make kefir, make cream cheese, soak flour, laundry, fabric store, grind flour, sprout flour)
¬† B –¬†leftover quiche, beans¬†(me),¬†homemade bread w/ pb, small¬†smoothie¬†(Justin)
  D Рpancake sausage muffins, roasted veggies, fruit

In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. It will not change the cost of any products or services for you.

Meal Plans Week of 1-16-11

Half way through another month already.¬† And the rest is going to fly by.¬† How did January become so busy?¬† At least I’m getting quite a bit done this month.¬† Setting goals…and writing them down/looking at them is such a huge help.¬† There is still a lot to do before the baby arrives, but I feel like I’m making progress.¬† Last week I finished Rebecca’s pj pants.¬† And I even had to teach myself how to do some new stitches/techniques.¬† They turned out pretty well.¬† Especially for my first attempt.¬† I have to decide which project to start next…and get to the fabric store.¬† I was able to get some organizing done.¬† I cleaned/organized some of my kitchen cupboards, cleaned the kitchen floor and sink and cleaned/organized the craft room (good time to do that after finishing a project :).¬† We accomplished some shopping.¬† I got my new cell phone (free upgrade).¬† We got our new digital SLR camera (also free with credit card points).¬† I used my Christmas gift card and bought some maternity clothes (hopefully I’m set now).¬† I stocked up on cloth diapers and some accessories.¬† I may need a couple little things yet, but we’re mostly set to start our journey with cloth diapers now ūüôā¬† And we shopped for furniture for Rebecca’s room.¬† I think we’ve picked out her dresser.¬† We just need to order it.¬† Once we get that I can finally get her new room ready.¬† But that won’t be until some time in February.¬† I also got a baby book for baby #2 ūüôā¬† Time to start working on that.¬† As always there was plenty going on in the kitchen.¬† I made chocolate ice cream, granola, bagels, crispy almonds and started a bottle of vanilla (thanks, Sara!!).¬† Other goals I’ve worked on…I made more smoothies and hope to continue that.¬† I can tell they really help my tummy.¬† I made one BC recipe and will be doing one more this week.¬† I finally wrote another healthy lifestyle post.¬† I did EFT several days this week.¬† I think that really helps my anxiety.¬† And I slept ūüôā¬† Again, I know this is a crazy one for most people.¬† But for me it’s a huge step.¬† I slept an extra 1/2 hour one day this week.¬† And yesterday I slept in 50 minutes.¬† And I had breakfast at 6:40 am.¬† I think that’s the latest I’ve had breakfast in at least 3 years.¬† Baby steps ūüôā¬† I’m doing pretty well with eating the way I know I should to help out my tummy.¬† But last night and this morning I’m definitely feeling the effects of being “bad” and eating that muesli the other day.¬† Oats just don’t work for me ūüôĀ

I guess that was a pretty long recap of a week.¬† But it’s good to see a very productive week.¬† And it’s good for me to see that I’m making progress when most of the time¬†all I can think about is the stuff that I have to get done yet.¬† This week there will be a lot going on.¬† We wouldn’t have any days to just relax at home, except now I don’t think Rebecca and I will be going to church today.¬† She has a cold.¬† We’ll see how she’s doing this morning, but I doubt she’s ready to be around other kids yet.¬† So we’ll probably be home all day today.¬† Justin will be going to church…both morning and evening services.¬† Monday Justin has off for MLK Jr. Day.¬† Which means he can come to gymnastics with us!!¬† I know Rebecca will be excited about that.¬† We will also make a stop at Harvest Health.¬† I have nursery cmt in the evening.¬† Tuesday is groceries, milk pick up, and Justin has class.¬† Wednesday morning I will be taking Rebecca to get her blood drawn to test for lead.¬† We don’t have any reason to suspect a problem, but we are finally making work of double checking since we do live in a very hold house.¬† And she’s been ingesting whatever is in/around the house since birth with teething, thumb sucking, etc.¬† Wednesday afternoon I have an OB check up, including a blood draw for me for my glucose test.¬† In the evening we have to pick up our co-op order, and Justin has worship team.¬† We haven’t worked out the details of how that will go, but I’m thinking we will be eating separately and taking turns watching Rebecca so I can get to the co-op and he can get to church on time…and Rebecca can stay home ūüôā¬† Thursday morning I have a playdate.¬† In the afternoon/evening Justin has a classis meeting.¬† So that’ll be 2 days this week that he leaves for work in the morning and doesn’t get home until after 9 at night.¬† Friday morning is MOPS.¬† Saturday we are going to another Calvin basketball game with some of my family and having them over to eat/play/visit.¬† I think I’ll be blinking and it’ll be time to write next weeks meal plan post ūüėõ

Not much time for extras this week.¬† I will hopefuly be finishing reading Total Money Makeover.¬† And doing a book review on it shortly after.¬† And continue to work on budgeting.¬† This is something that I’ve never really had to do.¬† And I know it’s important.¬† And something important for Justin and I to do together.¬† So we’ve already started some work on it.¬† But I want to keep going since it’s already mid-January.¬† We need to finalize our budget soon.¬† And I have to get used to sticking to it ūüôā¬† I need to feed my sourdough.¬† But I don’t think I’ll have time to use it for anything.¬† I also plan to bake a cake for my grandma’s birthday.¬† I am tentatively planning on having my parents and my grandparents over next week to celebrate her birthday.¬† So I want to get the cake baked this week and then decorate next week.¬† Other than that it’s mostly just cleaning and keeping up with day-to-day stuff (laundry, ironing, meals, etc.).

Well, I could keep going, but I think that’s long enough for now.¬† Here’s what’s on the menu this week.
S (prep lunch, make kefir, feed sd, church?)
¬† B –¬†leftover quiche
  L Рcrockpot chicken noodle soup, sourdough bread (from freezer)
  D Рbacon cheese burgers, peas, oranges

M (prep/clean up dinner, HH, gymnastics, nursery cmt, MLK/vacation)
¬† B –¬†yogurt, crispy nuts,¬†beans, peas¬†(me),¬†sd english muffin, banana¬†(Justin)
¬† D – (early, easy clean up) –¬†chicken and bean¬†enchilada bake¬†w/ avocado, salsa and sour cream, corn

T (prep smoothies, iron,¬†Meijer, milk,¬†organize Rebecca’s closet, class)
  B Рblueberry, strawberry, cherry, pineapple, avocado kefir smoothies
  D Рleftover enchilada bake

W (prep dinner, cut up fruit, make kefir, lead test, Dr. E., WT, co-op)
  B Рscrambled eggs, toast, avocado
  D Р(early, easy) Рcp 7 layer dinner, home canned pears

Th (prep smoothies, playdate, bake cake, classis)
  B Рpineapple, strawberry, peach, avocado kefir smoothies
¬† D – stove top mac ‘n’ cheese,¬†hot dog, peas (Rebecca), salad (me)

F (clean, MOPS, make AP cleaner)
  B Рsoft boiled eggs, toast, avocado
  D Рleftover 7 layer dinner, pears

S (prep smoothie, prep salad and toppings, make sloppy joes, laundry, Calvin bball, family over)
¬† B –¬†kefir smoothie (me), breakfast cookie, small smoothie, orange (Justin)
  D Рsloppy joes (me), fresh fruit (SIL), spinach/romaine salad (me) w/ shredded cheese, dried cranberries, baby carrots, croutons, homemade dressing (SIL), TBD side/salad (mom), chips (me), zucchini brownies (SIL)

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Meal Plans Week of 1-9-11

We’re well into 2011 now ūüôā¬† Kind of seems like Christmas was so long ago already.¬† Last week had some ups and downs.¬† I was down for the count on Tuesday with the flu.¬† But thankfully nobody else got it, and it was a mild case.¬† The rest of the week was fun, though.¬† Gymnastics, Kindermusik family night, MOPS and a Calvin basketball game and time with family.¬† I made a batch of hot fudge (handy to have on hand for giving Rebecca her cod liver oil :), froze the last of our squash, made taco seasoning, ordered/got new makeup and made progress on my sewing.¬† I also got 25 lbs. of wheat berries!! (thanks, Sara)¬† Time to start sprouting and grinding more flour.

This week will be plenty busy now that activities are in full swing.¬† Sadly Justin starts class again.¬† On the positive side…it’s his last semester before graduating with his MBA!!!¬† We’re all very excited.¬† And very proud.¬† Today is church as usual.¬† Monday is gymnastics, and Justin has council in the evening.¬† Tuesday is milk pick up and Justin has class.¬† Back to Rebecca and I being on our own for the whole day.¬† I haven’t decided yet if I’m getting groceries on Tuesday or Wednesday.¬† Wednesday is possibly groceries, possibly shopping at the mall or maybe just staying home.¬† We have a few weeks of break before our next semester of Kindermusik starts, so we have a few free Wednesday mornings.¬† In the evening Justin has a missions cmt meeting.¬† No plans Thursday or Friday so far.¬† We’ll see if we end¬†up planning a playdate, a fun outing or some shopping.¬† Saturday we’ll likely do some shopping.¬† Possibly shopping for furniture for Rebecca’s room.¬† And possibly shopping for cloth diapers.

Around the house there is always plenty to do.¬† Cake planning is well underway for my nephew’s birthday in February.¬† I might also be doing a cake for my grandma in a couple weeks and for my mom, dad and brother in a few weeks.¬† So I have a lot more planning to go.¬† And then start baking!¬† In the kitchen I’d like to make a batch of bagels, chocolate ice cream, possibly a batch of granola and¬†dry apples.¬† I also want to keep working on my sewing.¬† I’m almost done with Rebecca’s pj pants.¬† Hopefully I can finish them this week.¬† And of course there is lots of cleaning and organizing waiting for me.¬† I might do more work in the kitchen this week.

In terms of personal stuff, I’ve been doing pretty well with my goals so far.¬† The big one is that I actually reviewed how to do EFT and did it a few times.¬† Hopefully I will remember to keep it up.¬† I’ve been doing quite well with reducing grains.¬† And as always I notice a difference in how I feel.¬† I used up quite a few freezer meals for lunches and one dinner.¬† It’s nice to have a little more freezer space.¬† We have successfully transitioned Rebecca to a bed.¬† The first few days it was tough to get her to sleep and she woke up a bit early.¬† But now that the novelty has worn off she’s sleeping like normal.¬† And for personal growth, I’ve been meeting more moms at MOPS and have greatly enjoyed sharing my knowledge/my experience/my blog.¬† And I am considering joining a book study at the church.¬† One more opportunity to meet other moms and make friends.¬† Off to a good start this year.¬† Here’s what’s on the agenda for this week:
S (prep lunch, clean, church, nusery, make chocolate ice cream)
  B Рyogurt, crispy nuts, avocado (me),   waffles (from freezer) w/ maple syrup, fresh fruit (Justin)
  L Рsquash and sausage soup in the crockpot (modified version), rolls
  D Рleftover tacos/nachos/hummus

M (sewing, gymnastics, put away laundry, council)
  B Рfried eggs, avocado, toast
  D Рsteak, homemade french fries, broccoli

T (dry apples (up w/ Rebecca at 4am instead), prep smoothies, Meijer, milk, make granola, class, soak beans)
  B Рpineapple blueberry strawberry peach avocado kefir smoothie
  D Рleftover squash and sausage soup

W (prep dinner, dry apples?, make kefir, cut up fruit and veggies, make bagels, sew, iron, soak almonds, missions cmt)
¬† B –¬†scrambled eggs, avocado, toast
  D Рham and bean soup, sourdough bread corn dog muffins, roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts, applesauce

Th (make bagels, sleep, clean kitchen floor, sink and cupboard, clean craft room, make pie crust, dry almonds)
  B Рbagels w/ butter and pb, fruit, roasted veggies
  D Рbaked catfish, onion rings, roasted veggies

F (clean, shop for maternity clothes)
  B Рmuseli, roasted veggies
  D Рbacon and spinach quiche, corn, toast, sliced bananas w/ milk

S (sleep :), prep smoothie, clean/organize kitchen cupboards, laundry, shop for furniture, shop for diapers, make vanilla)
¬† B –¬†strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, banana, avocado kefir smoothie (me), granola w/ milk, sliced banana, small smoothie¬†(Justin)
  D Рleftover quiche, beans, sourdough blueberry muffins (from freezer)

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Meal Plans Week of 1-2-11

Back to normal life this week.  Our activities resume.  Justin goes back to work.  Time to get motivated and get a few things done.

It was nice last week to have Justin around and get some odds and ends taken care of.¬† We did a fair amount of shopping and got a new vacuum, a space heater for Rebecca’s room, a toaster oven, one baby item, got a tune up for the mini van, returned/exchanged a couple Christmas gifts and closed on our house (refinanced).¬† I narrowed down my new cell phone options to 2.¬† I think I know which one I want (it’s just a free upgrade).¬† I have to order it still.¬† We took down the tree and all of the Christmas decorations.¬† And have started reorganizing the house.¬† I squeezed in a little baking.¬† Rebecca was very excited to use her new dishes from Uncle Jason and Aunt Julie to bake!¬† We made graham crackers and chocolate cookies (for Kindermusik this week).

Now it’s back to the usual routine.¬† Although with one major change…Rebecca will be sleeping in a regular (toddler) bed for the first time tonight!¬† I’m hoping it goes smoothly and she still sleeps well.¬† Aside from that, today is church.¬† Monday is gymnastics, and I want to make a stop at Harvest Health (very handy that HH and gymnasitcs are about 60 seconds apart:).¬† Tuesday is groceries and milk pick up.¬† Wednesday we have our end of semester Kindermusik family party in the evening.¬† So we’ll have to have dinner pretty early that night.¬† Friday is MOPS.¬† Saturday we are going to a Calvin basketball game with my family and having them over for dinner.

I’m not 100% sure on my extras for this week yet.¬† I definitely want to bake and freeze the rest of our squash.¬† I need to keep working on my house cleaning/organizing.¬† Although I feel like I’m somewhat stalled until we figure out the furniture situation for Rebecca’s room.¬† Then I can figure out what will stay in the living room and what will go in her bedroom…and get appropriate organzing bins for everything.¬† Maybe I’ll have to work on the basement until then.¬† I am giving a fellow MOPS mom some sd starter this week, so I need to be sure to feed that and write up some directions/recipes for her.¬† I’d also like to get back into sewing this week.¬† I never got around to measuring Rebecca last week.¬† So I have to do that first.¬† Then I can try making her pj pants.¬† That’s about all I have planned.¬† We’ll see how the week goes.

In pregnancy news, this little one is really starting to make his/her presence known.¬† Some strong kicks these days.¬†¬†You can even see my belly move sometimes.¬† Maybe another little soccer player ūüôā¬† Rebecca has been able to feel the baby kick several times.¬† She thinks it’s so funny.¬† I have now passed the 21 week mark.¬† And our tentative c-section date is May 9.¬† Still waiting on confirmation.¬† So only 18 weeks to go!¬† Kind of scary.¬† We have a lot to do yet to prepare.¬† Hopefully we’ll make some good progress this month.

That’s what’s planned for the week.¬† Here’s what’s on the menu:
S (prep lunch, cook beans, clean in basement, church, change crib to toddler bed, review EFT, co-op order, make hot fudge, measure Rebecca)
  B Рyogurt, crispy nuts, peas, corn, beans (me), breakfast cookie, fruit (Justin)
  L Рcp rice and beans w/ corn, peppers and peas added, w/ avocado, cheese and salsa for toppings, pearsauce
  D Рsausage links, hashbrowns, beans

M (bake/freeze squash, sd recipes, order bball tickets, order makeup, HH, gymnastics, put away laundry)
  B Рsausage links, avocado, beans, hashbrowns, oranges
  D Рham, cheese and squash egg puffs, broccoli, pearsauce, cinnamon raisin bread

T (sewing, Meijer, milk (Justin took care of this…I have the flu), soak beans)
  B Рleftover egg puffs, avocado, toast
  D Рpork chops and apples over rice, peas, squash

W (prep dinner, Meijer, KM (evening))
  B Рmaple pecan scones, leftover egg puff, avocado
  D Р(early/light) Рcrockpot ham and bean soup, rolls; leftover rice and beans, squash; treats at KM

Th (prep smoothies, feed sd, sewing, soak beans)
  B Рstrawberry, pineapple, peach, avocado kefir smoothies
  D Рbaked catfish, baked potato wedges, broccoli tomato soup (from freezer) and grilled cheese

F (cook beans, clean, make kefir, MOPS, make taco seasoning)
  B Рscrambled eggs, avocado, toast
¬† D –¬†white bean sausage soup and veggie chili (from freezer…we’ll see who gets which:), crackers w/ cheese

S (prep dinner, laundry, basketball game, family over)
  B Рyogurt, granola
¬† D – taco/nacho/salad bar – I’ll provide taco meat, tortilla chips, tortillas, sour cream, avocado dip, salsa and beans.¬† My SIL is bringing shredded raw cheese, lettuce and homemade french and ranch dressing.

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Meal Plans Week of 12-26-10

Whew.¬† We made it through a crazy, fun week of guests and parties.¬† We had so much fun seeing everyone (including our little one…great ultrasound!).¬† And we still have one more party to go today.¬† It’s hard to believe¬†it is the last week of 2010.¬† This has been a year of ups and downs, surprises and changes¬†to say the least.¬† God has led us through each challenge and shown us his love, grace and mercy.¬† We have been very blessed this year.

So, last week was all about keeping up with guests.¬† This week will be time to relax and spend time as a family.¬† Plus get a few things done.¬† We don’t have gymnastics or Kindermusik, so we’ll have a lot more time than usual.¬† Today is church, then after lunch we’re heading to Grand Blanc to celebrate Christmas with my family.¬† The rest of the week is pretty open.¬† Monday we’ll be taking it easy and getting the house back in order.¬† We’re also going out to eat.¬† A nice treat after a week of hosting ūüôā¬† Tuesday is groceries and milk pick up.¬† Wednesday we’re doing a routine check up on the mini van.¬† Thursday evening Justin is going out with some guys from church to watch football.¬† No plans for NYE or New Years Day.¬† Just stay home and relax ūüôā¬† Aside from the few things that we have scheduled we are also planning to do some shopping.¬† We have a long list of things we’ve been meaning to get for a while.¬† So hopefully we can tackle a few those this week.¬† We are also in the process of refinancing our house and hoping to close sometime this week.

I have a lot of ideas in terms of extras I want to do this week.¬† But we’ll see how motivated I am.¬† I would like to get back into my sewing projects.¬† Next on the list is pj pants for Rebecca.¬† So I have to get her measured and then I can get started.¬† I am also starting to plan some cakes for family birthdays coming up in the next few months.¬† I want to try a new batch of toothpaste.¬† I might make a batch of bagels.¬† I haven’t done that in a while, and we all love them.¬† I got some sprouting lids for Christmas, so I might sprout some wheat berries.¬† Since I will be making quite a few cakes in the coming months I might experiment this week with making a healthier version and some homemade frosting.¬† I also have to bake something for our Kindermusik family party next week.¬† I haven’t figured out what yet.¬† I might do it this week or might wait for next week (or just use up leftover Christmas goodies :P).¬† And of course I need to do some more cleaning after having people over all week.¬† And organize Rebecca’s toys after getting a lot of fun new stuff for Christmas.

I also updated my toothpaste post.  Some good and bad updates.

That should keep me plenty busy in my “week off” ūüôā¬† We’re looking forward to a week with Justin home and spending lots of time together.¬† And some healthy food after a week of parties ūüôā¬† Here’s what’s on the menu.
S (church, GB)
¬† B –¬†yogurt, leftover roasted veggies, avocado¬†(me), granola bar, yogurt, fruit¬†(Justin)
¬† L (quick and easy)¬†–¬†ham sandwiches, leftover roasted veggies¬†, chips, fruit
¬† D – Holleboom family Christmas party (I’m bringing banana bread, brownies, Christmas cookies and gingerbread cookies)

M (unpack, clean, soak wheat berries, cake design, soak pancakes)
¬†¬†B –¬†raisin bread w/ butter, roasted veggies, avocado, yogurt (me), banana bread, raisin bread, fruit (Justin)
¬† D – out to eat – Marie Catrib’s

T (sprout wheat berries, make toothpaste, make pancakes, Meijer, milk, chop fruit, dry wheat berries)
¬† B –¬†banana bread and raisin bread¬†w/ butter, pineapple, grapes¬†(me), Mickey Mouse pancakes w/ butter and maple syrup¬†(Justin and Rebecca)
  D Рspaghetti, corn

W (make kefir, prep smoothies, car check, shopping, measure Rebecca)
  B Рpineapple, buleberry, banana avocado kefir smoothies
  D Рchicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, peas

 Th (make bagels, clean, shopping, make graham crackers, BW3)
  B Рbagels, fruit, veggiescrackers w/ salmon spread, avocado, peas corn (me), pancakes w/ syrup (Justin)
  D Рsalmon cakes, baked potato wedges, roasted veggies baked potatoes w/ leftover meat sauce, cheese, broccoli

F (bake cake, make frosting, clean, make pizza dough, house closing, make pizza sauce)
  B Рyogurt, crispy nuts, avocado (me), bagel w/ cream cheese, pineapple (Justin)
  D Рsourdough ham and veggie pizza, peas, corn

 S (Happy New Year!!, prep smoothies, laundry, bake cookies)
  B Рblueberry, cherry, strawberry, watermelon kefir smoothie
  D Рleftover pizza and veggies

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