Hi! I’m Mary Voogt. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, kid’s nutrition expert, and mom of four, I’ve dealt with feeding challenges, mood swings, low energy, stomach aches, food allergies, lack of focus,…the list goes on.

Over the years I learned that these are not life sentences. They are simply symptoms. Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating.

My specialty is pinpointing the root cause of the symptom and then helping you resolve it. Whether it be a food reaction, a mineral imbalance, blood sugar dysregulation, oral sensory processing disorder, or even nervous system dysregulation, I’ll guide you to the solution your child needs.

Let’s stop treating symptoms and get to the heart of the matter.

Using my process, you’ll go from:

  • tummy aches
  • mood swings
  • fatigue
  • picky eating

to kids who are:

  • focused
  • energetic
  • well-nourished

Which translates to:

  • peaceful meals
  • deeper family connection
  • less stress
  • eliminating the overwhelm
  • In other words, you’ve got a #parentingwin and one less thing in your #stressbucket


MIND – When it comes to good health you have to consider both the body and the mind! Food mindset and the nervous system are essential components of your child’s health.

Whether working one-on-one with me or empowering your kids to learn through the Nutritional Navigation eCourse, you’ll get in-depth knowledge about how your child views food and how nervous system regulation both play key roles on the journey towards better health.


MOVEMENT – This is where we dig deeper. How is your child’s body moving? This includes the internal flow.

    • Is digestion functioning optimally?
    • Is your child absorbing nutrients?
    • Is his or her blood sugar stable or having highs and lows?

This is the heart of what I do. This is Nutritional Therapy + HTMA.

We work 1:1 to address the movement of every system of the body using nutritional assessments and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.


MINERALSFinally we get to the food! Mineral-rich food is essential to optimal health. Minerals are literally your body’s spark plugs!

  • Are your kids getting enough nutrients in their diet?
  • Are their minerals in balance or out of balance?
  • Are key vitamins and minerals depleted?

Using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis we’ll take a deep dive into your child’s mineral and heavy metal status. Let’s work together to get your kids eating a balanced diet. This will allow their bodies to function optimally and will allow them to feel their best!

Wondering if the Mind-Movement-Minerals Method is right for your kids?

Let’s talk! Email me at [email protected] OR book a 15-minute clarity call.

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