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In today’s culture we are told these are all a normal part of life.

Crabby kids

Lack of focus

Sugar cravings

Kids having tantrums

Guess what? Those are all lies!

  Tantrums are not normal and have nothing to do with discipline.

  Hyperactivity and the inability to concentrate aren’t just “how some kids are wired.”

  Kids aren’t born with a sugar craving, a desire for processed food, and a dislike of all things green.

Focus issues in kids

These lies are perpetuated because so many parents do struggle with them and they are common. But they aren’t normal and they don’t have to be your reality!

Busy mom

In today’s world we find the opposite of carefree kids. We find children struggling in school. Teens with mood swings and imbalanced hormones. More and more kids with food allergies. Stressed out parents. Insomnia. Lack of energy or motivation.

I can help you turn that around! Let’s restore your family’s health and vitality. Let’s get back to nourishing meals, energetic kids, stress-free family time, and a sense of well-being.

What do overwhelmed moms say?

Daily stomach aches – GONE!

Through the process of fixing my daughter’s digestive issues, I felt supported and motivated. Mary shares lots of tips and simple recipes to keep you on track. I particularly appreciated her insight into Eating Styles, something I hadn’t considered before and something that helped make sense of the core eating issues my child was having. With Mary’s guidance, it was easy to see what needed improvement and she made it simple to take manageable steps toward bettering my family’s nutrition and health. – Nicole, mom of 4

No more leg cramps + more energy!

My son was having very low energy and leg cramps after exercising. Mary helped give guidance on his current eating habits to see areas we could improve on. She also helped get to the bottom of his leg cramps and helped resolve the issue. He now can keep up with the rest of the boys his age and doesn’t experience leg cramps anymore! – Becky, mom of 4

Help for the whole family!

I tried adjusting for four of us at one time which was challenging, but Mary encouraged me to take it slow and helped me figure out what we could do that would help everyone at the same time while still meeting individual needs. – Heather, mom of 3


Food is medicine. What you eat directly impacts how you feel, think, and behave. If you give your body what it needs, you will feel your best.

Nutritional Therapy centers on the idea that real health can be achieved through a holistic and bio-individual approach to nutrition and lifestyle.

Many of modern society’s health problems result from weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations brought on by poor nutrition. So adjusting diet and lifestyle can have a profound impact on your overall well-being.

My name is Mary Voogt. As a Nutritonal Therapy Practitioner I take a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on the importance of a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet paired with a well-balanced lifestyle. I understand the importance of honoring the body’s own feedback system and its incredible capacity to restore, regenerate, and correct itself — when given the tools and nutrients to do so.

I help kids be carefree in life by taking ownership of their health, overcoming feeding obstacles, and saying MMMM again with my 4-step process so that Mom can drop the guilt and stop worrying about her family.

So many kids these days are already on a path to disease and poor quality of life. This includes evironmental allergies, food allergies, asthma, diabetes, blood sugar dysregulation, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more! Feeding challenges also arise when the body is out of balance or lacking in critical nutrients. Nutritional Therapy helps your child get back in balance.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. I tailor every plan to the individual. Let’s work together to get you and your kids on a path to overall wellness and feeling your best by meeting your bio-individual needs!


In a nutshell…everyone! We can always make better choices. We can always learn more.

Nutritional Therapy is ideal for parents and kids that want to avoid prescription medications and illness, but instead use diet and lifestyle to support the body and allow it to function optimally.

If you or your child is struggling with lack of energy, focus, digestive issues, unhealthy skin and hair, breastfeeding struggles, under and over eating, hormonal imbalance, mood swings, food reactions, sleeping problems, anxiety, or a sense of feeling out of balance, Nutritional Therapy is right for you!


Every person has a unique set of challenges and a unique environment. So there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Nutritional Therapy.

A new client program consists of three sessions to jumpstart your journey towards better health. It is up to the individual how quickly or slowly to move through the process. On average it takes 4 – 5 months.  Some clients just need a little help to get going in the right direction and three sessions is sufficient. However some clients may need a slower approach and have more to work through.

The goal is to take baby steps towards lasting change. No overwhelm. No overhauling your life overnight. I break it down and make it doable.


HTMA stands for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. And it can be a life-saver for kids.

When digging for answers, most doctors run blood tests. And that can be helpful.

But when it comes to key minerals and heavy metals, a blood test is not accurate enough. It only gives you a snapshot of that one moment in time when the blood was drawn. And some levels fluctuate throughout the day. So you could get signficantly different results depending on when the blood was drawn.

HTMA, however, shows mineral and heavy metal patterns for a three-month window. It’s like getting an in-depth look at your child’s health.

In addition, the body will do whatever it can to keep blood levels in a very narrow range. This is a survival mechanism. If blood levels are low, the situation is serious.

But looking at tissue levels (hair), you can see if the body is actually putting the minerals where they belong or if the body is storing heavy metals.

For example, a child may have a normal blood calcium level. However, an HTMA for kids may show a very high tissue calcium level. This means that although the child’s body is maintaining a sufficient level of calcium in the blood, his or her body is also dumping calcium instead of putting it into the bones.

HTMA for kids uses a small hair sample near the scalp to assess mineral and heavy metal status. It is a non-invasive procedure that is ideal for kids.

The goal of HTMA is to restore the balance of key minerals and support the body in removing heavy metals.

This is not a detox program. This is simply giving the body what it needs in order for it to function properly and remove what it does not need. In other words, the goal is to balance and restore.

Heavy metals and mineral imbalance can both contribute to a host of symptoms. They can also be the cause of food reactions and many feeding challenges. Rebalancing a child’s minerals allows him or her to think better, feel more energetic, and act like a kid.

HTMA may be done in combination with Nutritional Therapy to get a more detailed look at a child’s nutrition and heavy metal status. This process requires commitment from both the parent and the child.

A single HTMA provides a lot of information. However a repeat test really shows how the body is progressing. Most practitioners simply do one HTMA and send you on your way. I do things differently.

My base program includes HTMA in combination with Nutritional Therapy, for a total of  three sessions. I want you to make progress!

But my favorite program includes two HTMAs in combination with Nutritional Therapy, for a total of five sessions. This will give you the best outcome. The program will span 5 – 8 months, depending on your child’s needs.


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