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Learn about the four eating styles so you can easily feed your child!

Eating Styles for Kids

Every child has a unique eating style. That is why what works for feeding one child may not work for another. Most “picky eating specialists” have generalized advice for all kids. But it doesn’t work that way.

There are four basic eating styles. Most kids fit into one dominant category, while also overlapping with a second category. Which means there are really twelve types of eaters!

By figuring out your child’s personal eating style you can learn how to specifically feed him or her to take the stress out of meal times.

I can help you pinpoint your child’s eating style. By observing how your child moves and eats you’ll gain a better understanding of his or her overall needs.

Age is also factor in the feeding equation. A toddler is going to be the easiest to observe for eating instinctively. As your child gets older their environment impacts eating habits. It is your job as parents to help your child listen to their own body and stay true to their eating style. Just because Dad likes spicy food does not mean his son will. Just because mom loves fresh vegetables, does not mean her daughter will. And that’s OK!

No more force feeding. No more food rules. No more stressing over meals and feeling like a short-order cook! Even if you have a family with all four eating styles you can still make meals everyone will enjoy. I’ll teach you how to make slight tweaks to meet everyone’s needs.