My journey with infertility has been a long one…and it’s not over yet. Here is my story and some of the resources I have come across and found helpful.

My Infertility Journey:

Dx – female factor (annovulation and polyfollicular ovaries (not PCOS)) and male factor
(low motility and low morphology)

1/07 – 1st round of clomid – no ovulation
2/07 – 2nd round of clomid – no ovulation
3/07 – 3rd round of clomid/1st IUI – negative

7/07 – IVF #1 – OHSS, no fresh transfer/let body recover
8/07 – FET #1 – positive!, DD 4/17/08

10/09 – FET #2 – negative

11/09 – IVF #2 – OHSS, no fresh transfer/let body recover

1/10 – FET #3 – negative (got the flu day of transfer)
2/10 – FET #4 – negative (got the flu few days after transfer)
3/10 – FET #5 – beta #1 – 2, beta #2 – 5.1, beta #3 – 51, beta #4 – 49…negative, chemical pregnancy

7/10 – IVF #3 – OHSS, no fresh transfer/let body recover

8/10 – FET #6 – positive!!! 9/2/10 – beta #1
– 120, 9/8/10 – beta #2 – 1,223, 9/14/10 – beta #3 – 8,220, 1st u/s 9/21/10 – 1
healthy hearbeat: 122bpm!, DS 5/9/11

6/13 – FET #7 – positive, 6/11/13 – beta #1 – 56, 6/13/13 – beta #2 – 210, 6/25/13 – beta #3 – 1637, 6/28/13 – beta #4 – 1782; u/s – blighted ovum; 7/3/13 – 8/3/13 – miscarriage

12/13 – pregnant naturally!!! DD 8/21/14

Baby Center
Weston A. Price Foundation
Beta Base Info

Natural Fertility and Wellness

Nourishing Traditions
Real Food for Mother and Baby


General food to promote fertility, a healthy body and maintain a healthy pregnancy:

full fat dairy (milk (whole, preferably raw, at least non-homo, definitely NOT ultra-pastuerized), raw cheese, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk)
animal products (beef, pork, chicken, eggs, fish, butter, organ meat)
fat (butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil. lard, tallow)
nuts, lentils, beans
bone broth
cod liver oil/butter oil and/or skate liver oil (Green Pasture products)
unrefined sea salt
soaked/fermented whole grains (gluten free if you are sensitive)

Foods to limit or avoid:

sugar (cut out all HFCS, corn syrup, white sugar, processed sugar, etc. Use natural sweeteners like raw honey, real maple syrup, organic cane sugar and coconut sugar in moderation)

gluten (avoid all white flour/processed flours. Even gluten sensitivities can have a big impact on fertility. To make grains healthier use sprouted flours, soaked grains or sourdough.)

vegetable oils (canola, safflower, sunflower, soybean, etc. – these are toxic and rancid and will elevate your omega-6 levels. We need much more omega-3 and a lot less omega-6)

soysoy can alter hormone levels

flaxseed – too much flaxseed can have the same effect as soy, altering hormones

Specific Fertility Nutrients for Women:

folate (liver, leaves, lentils, nuts, chicken)
iodine (fish, roe, kelp, unrefined sea salt)
iron (red meat, liver)
vitamin A (butter, eggs)
vitamin B12 (meat, poultry, fish, clams, milk, eggs)
vitamin D (milk, pork, seafood)
vitamin E (olive oil, nuts)
vitamin K2 (goose liver, cheese, natto, butter, eggs)
zinc (oysters, beef, shrimp)

Specific Fertility Nutrients for Men:

antioxidants (fruit, veggies or raw juice)
vitamin C (fruit, veggies or raw juice)
vitamin E (olive oil, nuts)
folate (liver, leaves, lentils, nuts, chicken or brewer’s yeast)
iron (red meat, liver or brewer’s yeast)
omega-3 fats (fish, roe or fish oil)
selenium (brazil nuts, beef, tuna or brewer’s yeast)
zinc (oysters, beef, shrimp or brewer’s yeast)

Specific Pregnancy Nutrients:

Entire Pregnancy:

B vitamins (meat, poultry, lentils, whole grains or Brewer’s yeast)
vitamin C (fruit and vegetables or raw juice)
vitamin E (olive oil and nuts or vit. E supplement (Dr. Ron’s))

During 1T (vitamins – organs and limbs are made up of vitamins and need them to develop well):

vitamins A and D (butter, eggs, pork, seafood or cod liver oil)

During 2T (bone and muscle formation):

calcium and protein (meat, fish, poultry, milk, cheese, eggs or whey)

During 3T (brain development):

omega-3 fats (fish or fish oil)


Avoid heating food (i.e. microwaving) or storing hot food in plastic containers and plastic wrap. This can leach BPA and pthalates into the food, which can lower sperm counts and alter hormones. Do not put plastic containers in the dishwasher. It is best to use all glass storage containers. And only store cool/cold items in platic when necessary.

Do not overexercise.

Do not overhydrate/don’t drink too much water. Only drink when you are thirsty.

Check your basal body temperature every morning and keep a chart.

Find ways to relax (massage, epsom baths, reading, light exercise).

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