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Picky eating is NOT a condition. It is a symptom. And you don’t have to live with it any longer.

The picky eating symptom often stems from a condition of the mouth. Find out if your child’s picky eating is due to one of the four most common oral complications.

Are you tired of…

  • picky eating
  • trying to come up with healthy meals that your kids will actually eat
  • feeling like a short-order cook
  • kids living on snacks
  • your child’s diet consisting of cheese and carbs?

What if I told you that’s not normal?

Common? Yes!

Normal? No way!

The reality is that picky eating is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s the visible sign of something much deeper.

Stressing over picky mealtimes is just scratching the surface. It’s time to go deeper and get to the root of the problem.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, feeding expert, and mom of four, I’ve dealt with every type of feeding challenge you can imagine.

But they are still just symptoms.

My specialty is pinpointing the root cause of the symptom and then helping you resolve it. Whether it be a food reaction, a mineral imbalance, blood sugar dysregulation, oral sensory processing disorder, or even dehydration, I’ll guide you to the solution your child needs.

Let’s stop treating symptoms and get to the heart of the matter.

Are you ready to have your kids say, “mmmm” to nourishing food every day?!


Using my four-step process, you’ll go from:

  • tummy aches
  • mood swings
  • fatigue
  • picky eating

to kids that are:

  • focused
  • energetic
  • well-nourished

Which translates to:

  • peaceful meals
  • deeper family connection
  • less stress
  • eliminating the overwhelm
  • In other words, you’ve got a #parentingwin and one less thing in your #stressbucket

So, how do you make your kids say MMMM to nourishing food and good health? I’ll show you how!

Mouth – The first step in dealing with picky eating is always to assess the mouth. If the mechanics aren’t working, no feeding strategies will be effectve.


MIND – Step two is all about your mindset and understanding how your child’s mind processes food. Every child has a unique perspective on food. I call it their Eating Style. When you know your child’s Eating Style you, in essence, learn to speak their food language. Before you try to force feed another plate of broccoli, learn how your child sees food. (side note/question – rename this??)

Food Language Quiz


MOVEMENT – Step three is where we dig deeper. How is your child’s body moving? This includes the internal flow. Is digestion functioning optimally? Is your child absorbing nutrients? Is his or her blood sugar stable or having highs and lows? This is the heart of what I do. This is Nutritional Therapy. We work 1:1 to address the movement of every system of the body.


MINERALS – Finally we get to the food! Yes, it is the last step. This is why so many picky eating strategies fail – they start with the food. Once you address mouth function, mindset, and overall body movement, it’s time to look at the role of nourishing food. Are your kids getting enough nutrients in their diet? Are their minerals in balance or out of balance? Are they depleted? Let’s work together to get your kids eating a balanced diet. This will allow their body to function optimally and will allow your child to feel their best! (NT and HTMA when the time comes)


MOM!! – Don’t forget about YOU, Mom! Your health matters too. If you are not feeling your best, then you can’t help your kids feel their best. It just doesn’t work.

Learning your own Eating Style will help you make healthier food choices and understand how you view food. I also work 1:1 with moms to help restore balance to the body so you can get your spark back.

Whether you’re…

  • exhausted from sleepless nights and breastfeeding,
  • chasing preschoolers around the house,
  • or trying to keep up with everybody’s activities and schedules.

I can help you adjust diet and lifestyle to give you energy and drive. Be the mom you want to be!

Don’t let the constant mealtime drama and worry over your child’s health be an added stress to your life for one more day.

Get your kids to say MMMM to nourishing food and a healthy lifestyle.