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Belgian Waffles

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Last night I made waffles for Justin for dinner. I got this recipe from my mom a long time ago. It works really well in our waffle iron. Each time I make them it seems like I get a different amount of waffles out of x amount of batter. I did a half recipe yesterday and got about 3 waffles. My usual estimate is 1/4 recipe = 1 waffle/1 recipe = 4 waffles. But I guess you could get more than 4 out of a whole recipe. Just depends on your waffle iron and how much batter you use. I made fruit topping from blueberries (from the farmer’s market) and raspberries (from our garden). The second pictures looks like it’s upside down because I was taking a picture across the table at Justin’s plate 🙂

Belgian Waffles

4 eggs, separated
1 cup milk
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 Tbsp. melted butter
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. vanilla

In large bowl beat egg yolks until lemon colored. Add milk, flour, butter, salt and vanilla. Blend until mixed. In separate bowl beat egg whites until still peaks form. Fold into yolk batter. Pour onto greased waffle griddle and cook until browned on both sides. Makes 4-6 waffles.


  1. Sara says:

    Yum! That looks awesome! I love waffles. I’m going to make some up today – either have them for lunch and freeze the rest, or make them in the morning for breakfast and freeze the rest.

    I didn’t know you guys had raspberries in your yard! We had a ton of raspberries here when we moved, but Kevin cut them all down these last couple of summer (against my will). He never gives me the chance to try to find them to try to transplant them either – before he goes in mowing things over. I’m hoping to get some from a colleague of mine, Bob, at our plant exchange this year so I can start a new patch.

  2. I was just saying to Justin this morning (as he was eating the last waffle) that I need to make some and freeze them instead of buying the junky frozen waffles from the store. I got Rebecca to eat a few bites, so that is more motivation. One more thing to make from scratch! And they are so easy.

    Yeah, we have raspberries, but every year we get fewer and fewer. I think half of the bushes are dead. We’ll see what this summer brings.

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