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Navy Bean Hummus – Another Way to Sneak in Eggs (grain free, dairy free, GAPS-legal)

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I’m just starting on my GAPS journey. And trying to figure out what I can/can’t eat. I LOVE beans…all kinds. And eat them all the time. I think I ate them every single day during my last 2 years of college 😛  I’ve always figured they were good for me…tons of fiber, right? Well, turns out that in reality most beans are very starchy…which is why they are so hard to digest…and so hard on my tummy. Most beans are not GAPS-legal. I was very disappointed to read that. Thankfully there is one kind of bean that is allowed – navy beans. It’s not a bean I’m used to eating. No particular reason why, just never really have. But over the past couple weeks I’ve been using them more. A couple weeks ago I tried making hummus with navy beans and chickpeas…a transition. It was very good. Justin didn’t even know I had used different beans. So this week I tried making hummus from just navy beans. The verdict…excellent!! I use my usual, basic recipe…even more scaled down/simple now. So easy to make. And so good. Just beans, EVOO and salt.

So, I have a safe, tasty hummus. But then I wondered if I could use my hummus as another place to sneak egg yolks into my diet. I tried it today. Tastes great! I couldn’t even tell it was there…aside from the color of course. Actually adding the egg yolk makes it look more like regular hummus 🙂  I only took a picture of it with the egg yolk added. So glad I tried this. It makes a very healthy and easy snack or lunch for me. Just pair it with some veggies and I’m all set. I think I’ll be making hummus quite often now. Protein, safe fiber and now eggs too. I just did one egg yolk in a samll dish of hummus this time. Maybe next time I’ll try 2 yolks. See how it goes.

I make a big batch without the egg. Then just add an egg yolk into the portion I’m eating at the time. I never actually measure anything. Just keep adding oil until it’s smooth. Then season to taste. I served it today with raw peppers and avocado. Sometimes I use slices/chunks of cheese for dipping. I also eat it plain.

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Navy Bean (and egg) Hummus

2 cups cooked navy beans (soaked in water w/ whey overnight, then rinsed and cooked)
1/4 – 1/3 cup cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
unrefined sea salt to taste
(garlic or organic garlic powder to taste – optional)
raw egg yolk (optional)

In a food processor combine beans, salt and part of the oil. Blend, adding more oil until desired consistency. Check seasoning and adjust to taste.

Stir in raw egg yolk when serving for added nutrition.


  1. Sara says:

    This looks great! Although it is kind of funny to have such a yellow hummus – don’t think I’ve ever seen that! 🙂 But I bet it is good… and nutritious!!

    No beans is a big downside of primal/paleo, as well. I’ll still have them at times… I have way too many in my basement from canning last year and don’t want them to go to waste, so I’ll have to use them every so often, just not regularly. I love beans, too…

    I found a recipe for cauliflower hummus earlier this week that I am going to try soon. No hummus was one of my first thoughts when I started reading about primal/paleo… I love hummus and have it at lunch quite often, so that would be something I’d really miss.

  2. Mary Voogt says:

    Are any beans allowed on p/p? For GAPS you can have regular beans (green/yellow…the kind we grow a ton of :), and navy or lima beans.

    I have a lot of dry beans in the basement too. I’ll still use them for stuff for Justin/Rebecca and eat small amounts once in a while.

    Cauliflower hummus sounds interesting. You’d have to be sure to get the texture right.

  3. Sara says:

    Green and yellow beans are not allowed with paleo, but they are allowed with primal. Basically any bean that you eat the pod and all of is ok for primal, for the most part.

    I don’t think texture will be an issue for caulflower hummus since its so versatile and serves as a great replacement for lots of different things – rice, mashed potatoes, etc. As long as the cauliflower is cooked to the right point of softness, it should be no problem.

  4. hellaD says:

    I love this recipe, great idea with the egg yolk too! I have some navy beans in the cupboard I will have to try it. I haven’t used beans much on our diet yet even though we are 16 months in and feeling much better. I haven’t used cauliflower at all really either as my partner can’t stand the idea of eating it–he says it looks too much like a brain, so if he knows it is in anything he can’t eat it. But I bet he’d never know if I made it into hummus.

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with Grain-Free Tuesdays!

  5. Mary Voogt says:

    I’m just starting on GAPS, so still figuring things out. But I do LOVE this hummus. Such an easy lunch. I make a big batch at the beginning of the week and just eat what I want each day. And I love it with the yolks. My husband didn’t even know I had made it with navy beans instead of chickpeas until I told him 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by.

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