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GAPS – It Does A Baby Good (and Mommy too :)

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When I first got serious about wanting to try the GAPS diet I was pregnant. So I was a little apprehensive. Would it be ok for the baby? Would I be getting/giving proper nourishment? Don’t I need to eat whole grains and lots of fiber? I was nervous. But I read the GAPS book and other blogs and continued to pursue it. I took baby steps so as to not have any strong reactions in my body that could harm the baby. I slowly added probiotic food/supplements, increased my fat intake and cut out grains. I did experience some die off at various points, but not too bad. I finally got to full GAPS. I had a very healthy pregnancy. At almost every check up the nurse said my blood pressure was “perfect.” I had no complications. And on May 9 gave birth to a very healthy baby boy.

And here we are now 5 weeks later. Abram is growing like a weed. I had my postpartum check up yesterday. The first words out of my OB’s mouth when she entered the room…”Is that a toddler or a baby?” In 5 weeks he went from 8 lbs. to 12 lbs. The nurses and OB kept saying he looks like he’s 3 or 4 months old and he looks so healthy (and cute :). My OB just could not get over the fact that he is exclusively breastfed and as big as he is. The nurse said I must be producing pure cream πŸ™‚  The OB even had to “show him off” to one of the receptionists that is expecting her first soon. She kept going on and on about him and that he is EBF. And said I should bottle my milk and sell it πŸ™‚  Needless to say, GAPS is definitely doing him some good! Did I tell them I eat raw egg yolks and lots of saturated fat every day? No πŸ˜›  There was another baby in the waiting room at my OB’s office. She was the same age as Abram (mom there for her pp check up too). She was soooo tiny. She and Abram looked like they were months apart…when in reality she may even be older. Must be something in his milk πŸ™‚

And what about mommy? Well, 2 weeks post c-section I was running errands with both kids and walking outside or on the treadmill every day. 3 weeks post birth I had put away all maternity clothes. And now…after gaining over 45 lbs. (a very healthy weight gain in my opinion) during pregnancy, 5 weeks later I’m only about 5 lbs. over my pre-pregnancy weight (and yes, I try to eat as much fat as possible). My blood pressure is great. I’ve been walking or jogging daily. And I have experienced a lot of digestive and mental healing already. My OCD is much more under control than ever. And I’m not uncomfortable/in pain all the time. I can keep up with my crazy kids that seem to not want to sleep/are not on a schedule. I’m excited about getting out and doing things this summer. And my milk supply is obviously good.

What I’m trying to say is…GAPS is definitely doable and very healthy while pregnant and breastfeeding!! It will give both mommy and baby everything they need. No, you don’t need 10 servings of whole grain every day. No, you don’t have to OD on fiber. Keep it simple. Lots of broth, meat, healthy fats (animal fats, butter, evoo, etc.), eggs and veggies. Don’t be scared of GAPS. It has done wonders for me and my baby. I would suggest doing full GAPS while pregnant. And being cautious if trying GAPS intro while breastfeeding. Work your way to it gradually so there aren’t any strong reactions.

Just for a visual. Here is Abram at 1 week old. And yesterday at 5 weeks old (already wearing 3-6m clothes). I think he wants to be bigger/older than he is. He always wants to hold his head up as much as he can and look around. He’ll be keeping up with his big sister before we know it πŸ™‚


  1. Don Voogt says:

    How wonderful! We are very thankful for your good health and for Abram’s good health as well. What you wrote brought back some good memories. I remember people said the same thing about Justin when he was a baby. They couldn’t believe that I only nursed him because he was so plump and filled out. It’s a satisfying feeling for a mother to have such a healthy-looking baby. Love, Mom

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