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Meal Plans Week of 10-30-11

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Last couple days of October. Happy Halloween! And Happy Reformation Day! πŸ™‚  We’ve been keeping busy with plenty of fall/Halloween activities. Last week we went to Boo at the Zoo at Potter Park Zoo, we visited my grandparents and we went to Justin’s work Halloween event (kids come and trick or treat in the office). We also made pumpkin cookies, Halloween shaped sugar cookies and decorated pumpkins. Aside from that I made honey whole wheat bread (it’s been a while since I did real bread baking…I sure missed it!), dairy free/nut free pesto, fermented ketchup, mayo and kefir. I also froze more squash. We enjoyed trying various pork products from the pig we just got. We tried pork chops, bacon and ground pork (I made it into sausage). Yum, yum, yum!!

This week should be a fun week. Today is church. Monday we start our cow share!!!! So exciting. We will now be getting 3 gallons of raw milk every week. I can’t wait! So we’ll be heading out to the farm Monday morning. In the evening is trick-or-treating. We’ll be passing out candy. Not sure yet if we’ll take the kids to a few houses or not. Tuesday is Kindermusik, and I think Justin has orchestra rehearsal. Friday is MOPS. And…Date Night!!! Justin and I are finally going out for the first time since Abram was born. Of course he’ll be coming with us πŸ˜›  But it will still be fun to go out. Rebecca will stay home with a baby-sitter. I think she’ll really enjoy that. We haven’t decided for sure which restaurant we’ll go to. There are a couple in the area that use real, local ingredients. That’s all we have planned at the moment. I’m trying to start planning wisely so that I only have to go to Meijer every other week. So no trip to the grocery store this week! We’ll have to come up with some fun projects around the house. Or maybe take a trip to the library. And possibly do some cleaning. I did do some decent organizing this week. The living room looks so much better. But there is still a long way to go. I also finally got flannel sheets on all the beds. That sure felt good last night. Plenty more to do in the bedrooms though.

For extras I want to get started on some dairy products. Not sure which yet (sour cream, butter, yogurt?). And since our letter this week is I it only seems fitting that we make ice cream with our raw cream. Now that it’s pretty chilly I’m in the mood to bake. Although I can’t eat it I feel like making bread. I’ve got a big batch of hamburger and hot dogs buns just about to go in the oven right now πŸ™‚  Thankfully Justin was able to fix my mixer, so I didn’t have to knead them by hand at least. And now I can grind fresh flour again. I’m sure Rebecca and I will come up with some projects too.

We seem to be making good progress with Rebecca’s eating. For lunch yesterday I gave her leftover soup and a ww tortilla with peanut butter. Tortilla with pb is one of her favorite things to eat…and she didn’t finish it! But she ate every last bite of her soup. The same soup we had for dinner on Friday (sausage and bean) that she declared was her favorite kind of soup πŸ™‚  I can’t stress enough how nourishing and healing broth is.

We also used curlers/rollers in Rebecca’s hair for the first time last night. I can’t wait to see how it turned out when she gets up! She has natural curl to her hair so I bet it will be really curly (unlike mine when I was little :P).

Last couple days of the month. Then on to November and thinking about holidays. Check back on Tuesday to see what’s in store for next month.

That’s all for this week. Here are the meals for now.
S (prep lunch, bake buns, church, nursery, make stock/broth)
  B – leftover sausage and bean soup (me), sd breakfast cookie, yogurt (Justin)
  L – chicken, carrots, onions, beans and peas in cp (make stock and broth)
  D – hot dogs on homemade buns, jello, strawberry milkshake (Justin), salad w/ bacon, avocado, cheese, honey mustard (me)

M (GF (milk), Halloween/tick-or-treat, Reformation Day)
  B – stock/broth w/ veggies (me), sd breakfast cookie, pumpkin smoothie (Justin)
  D – ham, sweet potato casserole, peas

T (make kefir, make ice cream, KM, CCO)
  B – stock/broth w/ veggies (me), ww bread w/ pb, pina colada smoothie (Justin)
  D – hot taco rice

W (bake/freeze squash, make sour cream)
  B – stock/broth w/ veggies and egg (me), pumpkin scone, yogurt (Justin)
  D – pepper steak, red skin mashed potatoes, squash

Th (make yogurt, clean)
  B – pina colada kefir smoothie, sd peach muffins (Justin), stock/broth w/ squash (me)
  D – quiche w/ bacon and spinach, peas

F (clean, MOPS, date night)
  B – leftover quiche, broth (me), yogurt, granola, fruit (Justin)
  D – out to eat! Outback Steakhouse

S (laundry, make pudding, orchard?)
  B – chicken stock, quiche (me), homemade strawberry yogurt, zucchini banana bread (Justin)
  D – french toast, bacon (Justin), sqaush w/ broth and butter, bacon (me)


  1. Sara says:

    Mmm… just the mention of honey whole wheat bread makes me want to make some, too. Carson and Kevin would probably really enjoy having it in the house, as well. Maybe I’ll have to make some tomorrow… although I don’t know if I have any flour. I threw out what was in the pantry a while back since i just don’t use it, but I think I might have some in the freezer. I’ll have to check.

    Very exciting about the cow share! You’ll have lots of fun trying out new dairy items, I’m sure.

    Have fun on your date night!

  2. The Voogts says:

    Wow, no flour at all? I still do plenty of baking for Justin. Can’t be without flour. Although I don’t use nearly as much as I used to. Now that my mixer is fixed I need to grind more flour.

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