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Goals of the Month – September 2013

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Summer is coming to an end. Labor Day is over. And the day has finally come. My baby girl is off to her first day of kindergarten! I’m probably more anxious than she is. That is our first big change. I’m anticipating (and hoping for) a lot more change this month.

I will now have a long afternoon to myself every day. I hope my healing process starts to show some big signs of improvement. The weather has already started to change. Lots of things. And I’m sure God has more planned that I would never even dream of.

Here is what I have planned for the month. We’ll see how it goes!

1. Healing

   *Continue to push my OCD – sleep in more, eliminate compulsions, give up control. I will also be using my afternoon free time to do my baking and experimenting. It will be a good distraction for me.
   *Experiment with my Betaine dosage.
   *Possibly start seeing a chiropractor to help with healing and overall body function and to address my scoliosis.
   *Light exercise, possibly start taking yoga classes again.

   *I hope my swelling/fluid retention starts to go down at some point this month if I continue to eat well and get rest.
   *Research leptin – a critical thing for hormone function.
   *Research and maybe purchase a water filter to remove fluoride (and other heavy metals) from our water.

2. Food Preservation – September is when my canning really gets going!

   *Spaghetti sauce

3. Mommy-Daughter Date

This is still TBD. It could be a trip to the Children’s Museum. Our September is already quite full. So we’ll have to see what activity we can squeeze in.

4. Simply settle into routines.

We will have school, dance and kindermusik (for both kids). We might put Abram in soccer as well. And I’ll be starting MomBreak steering team meetings this month. It will take some adjusting to be this busy all of a sudden.

5. Acceptance

This seems to get harder by the day. I don’t like being at the middle of this process. I know somewhere down the road my body will be done with the intense healing. I know my weight will stabilize. I know the swelling will go down. I know I will be able to exercise a little more and get my body back in shape/get stronger. But I’m not there yet. And I have to accept it. This is so hard for me. I’m not one to just sit back and wait. I like to be proactive and productive! But I can’t really speed this up. I just have to let my body do what it needs to do. And accept that I’m uncomfortable in my own skin. Accept that I have to go up 3 or 4 sizes for a while. Accept that sometimes I need to put my feet up when I’d rather be getting things done. Accept that a lot of this is the result of poor choices I made almost 20 years ago. Accept that this is not an overnight fix. Accept that I am not in control. And trust that God has good things planned. He is good. He can do amazing things. And He will use this for his glory.


  1. Sara says:

    Good luck today! I was the same way and was way more nervous for Carson than he was. Although I hid my tears and nerves from him so I wouldn’t make him nervous at all, too. He was just super excited. 🙂 I’m sure Rebecca will do wonderfully!! It just stinks that this is one more step towards growing up. 🙁

    Enjoy all of the canning! I’ve done a couple batches of tomatoes so far. I just do tomatoes now since I haven’t found a pasta sauce that I like yet – at least not to can. I like to just make it up as I go with a jar of tomatoes, spices, and ground beef when I need it. I want to do peaches one night this week, I hope… if I can still get them. I heard from a couple places this weekend that its probably the last few days of them. And I’m hoping that our pears and apples can hold out till we get back from Vermont!

  2. Mary Voogt says:

    I didn’t talk about my nerves either. I just focused on getting her excited.

    Peaches done??? I feel like we’re just getting going with the freestone peaches. Wells will have them at least until the end of September I think. I’m going to try to can the half bushel I got today and maybe do another one next week. Just depends how it goes. And I hope to get to the orchard soon so I don’t miss out on pears too.

    Apples are always last. And that process goes on for weeks and weeks 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    Yeah, the freestone peaches here have been going for quite awhile. And it just depends on the variety of pears and apples as to when they’re ready. We have a few different varieties of each, so we’ll see. 🙂

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