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Meal Plans Week of 4-6-14

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It’s April! I only have one more week with a five-year old girl. At least I get to spend lots of time with her since it’s spring break. That means none of our usual activities. We’ll do lots of fun stuff together instead.

Since it is spring break I’m taking a break from my usual to-do’s as well. I’m just spending time with my family and relaxing.


Last week we celebrated my husband’s birthday. As usual the kids enjoyed  helping him open his gifts.

I’m making the final plans for my daughter’s birthday cake. We’re just celebrating as a family, but I still always try to do a fun cake. I’ll be working on that next week. I’m also planning my son’s cake and party.

Today is a pretty exciting day…I’m half way through this pregnancy!!! It’s crazy to be at 20 weeks.

19 Weeks

Since I’m not 100% sure what our activities will be this week my menu will be pretty flexible. I am the kind of person that loves to be organized and prepared. But this week I’m going to just see what happens. I’m trying to stretch myself a bit. I’m just going to list meal options and pick and choose as we go. Maybe we’ll even go out to eat for a treat.

What are you eating this week? Eet smakelijk!


hot dogs, chips, vegetable

waffles, sausage, fruit salad, vegetable

honey herb chicken breasts, baked potatoes, vegetable

chicken noodle soup, bread

cp beef roast w/ vegetables

soaked cheeseburger cups, vegetable

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