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How to Get an Undereater to Enjoy Food!

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By my third child I thought I knew plenty about feeding challenges. I was wrong. The hardest was yet to come. I’m excited to share our story and how I got my one year old to eat again, plus a special recipe that literally saved her life.

How I Got My One Year Old To Eat Again | Just Take A Bite

Every parent wants their kids to be good eaters, right?

No complaining. No throwing food. No refusing to eat vegetables. It’s a reasonable desire.

Of course most kids do go through phases of eating more or less, phases of liking and refusing certain foods, phases of wanting to make their own food choices and willingly eating whatever you serve. Love it or hate it, that’s life.

I’m thankful that it seems to get easier to handle with each child…at least a little.

But what if your child just won’t eat?

At all? Every. Single. Day?

Emotions turn from annoyance to anxiety. I’ve been there. And I know I’m not alone.

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How Allergies Impact Feeding Challenges

As allergies are on the rise so are eating struggles. Especially for young children.

Think about it for a minute. If you eat something that upsets your stomach, do you feel like eating? Are you a little hesitant to eat that food again?

Now imagine if you are so young you can’t even verbalize how you feel. And your mom tries to feed you the same food over and over (because we’re told to keep trying, eventually they’ll like it) that you know will give you a stomach ache or reflux or even swelling.

What is your solution? Refusal to eat. Period.

Feeding a young child that is developing allergies is an important and sometimes stressful task. As a parent your only feedback is watching for reactions, assuming you even know to look for them! Along the way your child may just stop eating out of fear or because she simply does not feel good.

How I Got My One Year Old To Eat Again | Just Take A Bite

Having a Child that Refuses to Eat

I lived this struggle for over two years as my daughter slowly developed more and more allergies.

When we first introduced solids she seemed to enjoy most things she tried. But gradually she started eating less and less until she stopped eating.

We managed to get by for a while because she was nursing full time. But as we approached her first birthday I knew something had to change. A one year old should be eating more than three bites of solid food a day.

This was my third child. I knew all the tricks. I tried different flavors and textures. I tried distracting her. I fed her in a chair or while we were playing. Really. I had tried it all.

But she still wouldn’t eat. We hit a low point.

She wasn’t gaining weight. She wasn’t getting enough nourishment.

At thirteen months old I knew I had to change our situation or take her to the doctor.

Hope for Reluctant Eaters!

There is hope even for kids that refuse to eat anything! Want to hear more about how we turned it around?

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I’m sharing how I got my one-year-old to finally eat again. Plus I’ve got a fun recipe for squash “milk” that is perfect for kids with allergies. Even I drink it!

Looking for more? Check out my book Why Won’t My Child Eat?! where I share all of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last twelve years with foiur kids, each with different feeding challenges. It is possible to turn any child into a good eater and to do it with real, nourishing food. The new, revised 2nd edition will walk you through the process of spotting food reactions, calming the body, and restoring the joy of nourishing food. You’ll go from reluctant eater to thriving little foodie!

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