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Fall Cake

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We were supposed to visit my family today…but we all came down with colds. So we’re staying home. I had already made a cake to celebrate our Sept/Oct birthdays. So Justin and I had some last night. Mmmm 🙂 I’ll have to keep working on my marble swirling :p This was my first attempt at making/using marzipan. I think the pears turned out pretty well. This was also my first time cutting the cakes in half so that the cake is 4 layers instead of 2. That worked well. The filling is chocolate, cream cheese, chocolate. The outside is vanilla. The trees/branches are chocolate. The leaves are icing. Now I just need to figure out how to take better pictures.

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  1. Sara says:

    The cake looks so cool, Mary! Great job on the sculpting – the pears look like they turned out perfect! Sounds super yummy with all the flavors, too!

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