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Sourdough Starter

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Don’t let the term sourdough starter scare you. Creating one is a simple process of mixing flour and water in a jar. Really, that’s all!
I’ve read a lot about the benefits of sourdough products recently. And I wanted to try it. But that requires a sourdough starter.
Sounds a bit daunting. Which is why I’ve never made sourdough anything before. But I decided to give it a go.
Turns out it’s not really that hard. All you do is mix flour and water and let it sit. 
It takes a week to make. I’m glad I tried this! Now I have a sourdough starter in my fridge…for use any time I want to make something with sourdough. Yeah! 
All I have to do is feed it once a week to keep it going. I need to start looking for sourdough recipes now.
Sourdough Starter
2 clean glass or plastic jars or bowls (not metal, mason jars work well)

A non metallic spoon

A light weight towel
rye, splet or whole wheat flour (rye generally gives the best results)
The ratio of water to flour is 1:1 when starting a new sourdough starter.

Day 1

Place a 1:1 ratio of flour and water into a clean and sterilized jar and stir well. About 1/2 cup of each is a good starting point. Cover with a towel and set in an open area so it can start collecting the natural yeast.

Day 2

Transfer the starter to a clean jar/bowl and feed your starter another 1:1 ratio of flour and water in the same amount you used for day one. So if you used 1/2 cup for each, you’ll use 1/2 cup again. Stir well, cover, and set back out.

Day 3-6

Repeat the process of day two, feeding your starter a 1:1 ratio of flour and water (in a clean jar/bowl). It will start to get bubbly and you’ll also notice it separate a bit and get a watery layer.

Day 7 

Your starter should now have gone through the bubbly stage and smell somewhat ’sour’. Transfer to a clean jar and feed it one more time.

At this point it is ready to use! You can now do one of 2 things.

1. Test out some new recipes! Just make sure you feed it again before you put it in the fridge to store.
2. Cover and store it in the fridge for use later.

How to Maintain Your Starter:

Feed your starter once a week (if not using for a recipe) or when you use it. Use the same 1:1 ratio of water and flour and store it in the refrigerator.

If you use it for a recipe, feed it the same 1:1 ratio and let it sit out again for just a couple hours before storing in the fridge.

If the starter is really watery add a little extra flour. If it is really thick add a little extra water.


  1. masala girl says:

    so on day 3, i would transfer to a new jar and add 1:1 flour:water, day 4 transfer to a new jar, etc, then after day 7 i can leave it for a week before transferring?

    and i have a pitcher that filters tap water, is that good enough to use?

  2. masala girl says:

    so on day 3, you transfer to a new clean sterile jar with 1:1 water:flour, then transfer to a NEW jar & repeat on day 4, 5, 6, 7. Then you can keep it in the same jar for a week?

    also, so can i use tap water that has been filtered through a water pitcher?

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