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Today’s The Day…

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It’s finally here!!! We get to meet our precious new baby today! Lord willing in about 4 hours we’ll have a 4th member in our family πŸ™‚  Just thought I’d share a couple last belly shots. After our long journey, it’s hard to believe this is finally going to be a reality. Trusting that God will give us peace and that everything will go smoothly with the delivery and recovery. I’m sure my kitchen experiments and posting will be a bit sparse for a while. But I’ll be back. And I’ll post pics soon. Thanks to all of you that have shared this journey wtih me and my family.

And since this is a food blog I just have to add…boy am I hungry!! πŸ˜›  I am not the kind of person that can normally skip breakfast…but I guess I can put up with it for today πŸ˜›  Looking forward to lunch πŸ™‚


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