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Meal Plans Week of 5-22-11

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Is it seriously the 4th week of May already? This month has been kind of a blur 😛  But here we are. Abram is almost 2 weeks old already! I’m trying to enjoy every moment of this tiny baby phase because I know it will be gone soon.

Not too much activity here last week. Mostly just trying to keep everyone dressed and fed and not too sleep deprived. We’re all adjusting to life with a needy 4th family member. The biggest struggle is Rebecca’s adjustment. I don’t blame her. She had 100% of my attention for 3 years and now has to share me. The hardest part is that she has a cold. So I have to tell her don’t touch/kiss/hug/hold/etc. Abram. Talk about feeling left out! Poor girl. So she acts out. And while I don’t blame her I also can’t let her get away with being naughty. Hopefully her cold will be gone soon and she can be much more involved/interact with Abram.

The other struggle has been with Abram…trying to figure out tummy/gas issues. Some days he does ok, other days you can tell he’s in pain. My first thought was that it’s something I’m eating. I cut out some common offenders – nuts, dairy and chocolate (gave me a taste of eating less than full GAPS). And he seemed to do better for a few days. But then it came back. So then I added back a small amount of dairy on Friday. And a few nuts yesterday. Didn’t seem to make much difference (I’ll be very happy to not have to cut those out!!). So, now we try to figure out if it’s something else – I had eaten cauliflower for several days in a row when he was the worst…and that was right up until I cut stuff out. So that could have been it. And I’m trying to watch out for gassy veggies in my diet now. Or it could just be an infant’s immature digestive system and we have to wait it out. Rebecca had similar issues. We used a lot of tummy drops 😛  The only thing that I cut out long term with Rebecca (at least for first 9 months) was peanuts/peanut butter. I have yet to add that back in with Abram. We’ll see how it goes. Abram has his 2 week check up tomorrow, so we’ll see what the doctor says.

My health status…overall I’m doing very well. My tummy is pretty good most days. I’ve lost over 30 lbs., and most of the swelling is gone (still a little in my legs). I’m starting to feel normal again 🙂  I’m very anxious to be more active. I’ve already had to carry Rebecca a couple times. And I’ve been doing some crunches most days. Yesterday I biked for the first time. Sure felt good. I’m hoping to get back into regular exercise. Just not sure how to fit it into my day yet without a routine for Abram. I guess I’ll just have to take it one day at a time and squeeze it in when I can. Hopefully Rebecca, Abram and I can start taking walks every day when the weather is nice. I’m going to start driving again this week…and attempt to go to the grocery store with both kids 🙂  Should be interesting. I’ll be sure to have a short list 😛  On the down side the post pregnancy stuff is starting…a little acne again, nails splitting. My vision seems a little off. I’ve heard pregnancy can really change your vision. At least my glasses help with that. Just waiting for my hair to start falling out 😛  Still battling the OCD and trying to stay mentally tough even with a very unstructured life. Very anxious to get out and about more. Eating LOTS of eggs these days. Since I usually have about 60 seconds to get lunch for myself…with a baby in my arms…I’ve been boiling/peeling eggs ahead of time so I can grab them for breakfast or lunch. If I have homemade mayo on hand I can make egg salad. If not I eat them plain. I’ve also discovered that it’s good to chop up one hard boiled egg and mix it with one raw egg yolk and a little salt. Mmm. Mix in a diced avocado…very tasty lunch that I’ve eaten a lot this week. I’m finding I can mix egg yolk into just about anything 🙂  Use it as a sauce, in place of dressing, etc. So healthy and so easy.

This week will be mostly the same…taking it easy and figuring out daily routines. I had really hoped to go to church today, but I’ll have to stay home since Rebecca is sick. Monday is Abram’s 2 week check up. Justin will go with us to that. Tuesday I’m hoping to go to the grocery store. Wednesday Justin has a dentist appt. and it’s co-op pick up night. Nothing Thursday or Friday. Saturday is still TBD. One of Justin’s cousins is getting married near Detroit. We haven’t decided yet if we’re going or not. It just depends how I’m doing/how Abram’s doing. If we do go we’ll just go for the reception since there’s no way we could make it to Detroit on time for an 11:30 wedding. So we’d just go to the reception for a bit (1:00) and head home. This will be a good opportunity to meet a lot of Justin’s relatives that I’ve never met. But we also have to be smart. Abram won’t even be 3 weeks old yet. A 3 1/2+ hour trip (one way) is a lot for him. Plus stops for diaper change, nursing, etc. So we’ll see how we’re doing later this week.

Food…still just trying to do simple meals that I can prep any time of day. No news of any meal being brought to us. We had one meal from church last week (aside from a couple things from my family)…and that’s it. I had expected more, but maybe that’s all we’ll get. Glad I’m feeling good enough to cook! I’d also like to try a few different veggies this week. Rebecca is getting pickier and pickier about veggies. And there are quite a few I have to avoid. So we eat the same things all the time. Maybe I’ll try to find some beets or something this week…some different veggies to roast. No time for extras yet really. Maybe I’ll be able to bake one day with Rebecca. We’ll see. Other than that I’d like to make insect repellent and ant spray (ants in the kitchen!!). Should take about 60 seconds to make them 🙂

Still playing breakfast by ear. Just depends what time Abram wakes/needs to eat whether I have time to prep things/can eat with Justin. So I just list options and decide the night before. Here’s what’s on the menu.
Breakfast options: baked goods from freezer, fruit, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, avocado, leftovers

S (prep lunch, cook beans, church?)
  B – egg muffin, sausage, raisins (me), pumpkin pancakes (from freezer) (Justin)
  L – 7 layer dinner in cp (w/ potatoes, carrots, peppers, zucchini, beans and peas)
  D – chips w/ salsa, avocado dip and sour cream, cheese crips, strawberry milkshakes, pineapple

M (prep dinner, Dr. S.)
  B – hard boiled egg, fruit (me), breakfast cookies, fruit (Justin)
  D – crockpot pea soup w/ ham, sd bread

T (Meijer)
  B – hard boiled egg, fruit (me), yogurt, granola, fruit (Justin)
  D – sausage links, roasted asparagus, avocado, applesauce souffle

W (Justin dentist, co-op, make nut butter bread, put away laundry)
  B – sausage, egg yolk, applesauce souffle (me), strawberry bread, pineapple (Justin) 
  D – enchilada bake, corn, applesauce,  (from freezer) (Justin), leftover pea soup (me)

Th (roast beets, make mayo)
  B – hard boiled egg, sugar snap peas (me) strawberry bread, fruit (Justin)
  D – salmon cakes, roasted beets, grilled zucchini, applesauce souffle

F (boil/peel eggs, clean, laundry)
  B – hard boiled egg, applesauce souffle (me), granola/puffed rice w/ milk (Justin)
  D – roasted chicken legs, potatoes and veggies

S (wedding reception)
  B – salmon cakes, avocado (me), TBD (Justin)
  L – at wedding
  D – leftover enchilada bake (Justin), eggs or salmon cakes (me)


  1. Sara says:

    Good luck figuring out the tummy/gas issues with Abram. That has to be frustrating, trying to figure it out.

    Glad to hear the swelling is nearly gone.

    Good luck with the first grocery trip!

    Where in Detroit is the wedding? Downriver or something? Even downriver, I didn’t think it was 3.5 hours away from you. Or are you figuring in a stop for nursing? I’ve had to go from Detroit to GR for work last year and I think it only took us 2.5 hours. It’d be fun to go to a wedding, though. And give Rebecca a good outlet for some energy (dancing at the reception). 🙂

    That’s a bummer about not many meals. Maybe people aren’t really sure what to bring with you being GAPS and just are choosing to not bring anything at all?

    We’ve been getting a few ants in our kitchen this last week, too. We’ve had them every year at this time. It grosses me out! I’ll be curious to hear how the homemade stuff works for you.

  2. The Voogts says:

    I commented earlier, but Blogger was messed up. I’ll try again.

    Not exactly sure where the wedding is. The drive time is around 2.5 hours. But with stops for bathroom, diaper change, nursing, etc. it could take quite a bit longer. Abram might not need to eat at all or he might need to eat 3 times. Who knows 😛

    I can guarantee there won’t be any dancing at the wedding…strict Baptist wedding in the early afternoon. I fear the opposite…that Rebecca will not have any outlet for her energy. Maybe if we get there early we can stop at a park or something to let her run.

    Nobody knows about GAPS (unless they read my blog). That has nothing to do with it. Our “rule” at church is that you are supposed to get a minimum of 3 meals. It’s just lack of effort on the part of the people in charge or organizing the meals. I thought I was supposed to be on a MOPS list as well, but haven’t heard about that either. Oh well. I can’t eat most of the food people bring anyway. The one meal we had I couldn’t touch. Rebecca would hardly eat any of it (she’s used to REAL food :). She wouldn’t even touch the jello. She thinks it’s disgusting. She tried one bite and gagged. Fine with me if she doesn’t like that stuff 🙂

    We get ants every year too. Annoying. We’ll see what the natural stuff does.

  3. Sara says:

    Looks like you guys decided to make the trip on Saturday. 🙂 I bet it’ll be fun! And great for you to meet some of Justin’s family that you’ve never met.

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