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Egg Muffins (grain free, GAPS-legal)

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Not much action in the kitchen these days. But I do still have to make dinner every night. Last night I just threw something together that turned out well. I had read about other people doing muffins with eggs. But I don’t think I ever actually read any of the recipes. So I didn’t have any quantities, etc. And I was really rushed making dinner. So I just threw a few ingredients together and baked it. Turned out great!!! Little muffins that are mostly just egg. You can add anything to them. I just added cooked breakfast sausage (thankfully I had prepped that earlier in the day) and a little shredded cheese. They could be dairy free without the cheese. You could add any kind of veggie too. This isn’t much of a recipe, but I’m posting it to remind myself when I need something quick for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And leftovers are great too! Eat them cold or warmed. A great thing for a busy mom of a newborn to have on hand 🙂  All 3 of us really liked these. And that’s saying a lot. Rebecca can be pretty picky when it comes to eggs. And she loved them.

This post is linked to Grain Free Tuesdays at Hella Delicious.

Egg Muffins
(makes 9 muffins)

6 pastured eggs
1/2 lb. cooked breakfast sausage
1/4 cup shredded cheese (optional)
chopped veggies (optional)

Beat eggs. Add remaining ingredients. Pour into greased muffin pan (I greased it with palm shortening…came out very easily). Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.


  1. Sara says:

    Glad these went over well with everyone! I made some similar last week and will again this week, too. Makes for a good, fast breakfast on work mornings for us.

  2. hellaD says:

    Oh these are delicious. I made some in a similar manner last week, they do go over well. So tasty and simple. Thanks so much for adding them to Grain-Free Tuesdays, tweeting this recipe!

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