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The Letter E

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I had lots of ideas for this week, but we didn’t have time for very much. Here’s what we did do:

The Letter E

craft/science/nature – shape elephant, Earth, talk about eyes and ears, eggs – talk about them and eat them for dinner
baking project – eyeballs (mudballs)
character – encouraging
earn – we talked about how Rebecca can earn money. We are still deciding on her “job.” Then we can start actually “paying” her.
memory verse – “Come before him with joyful songs.”
outings – zoo, orchard
name – Rebecca now can spell her full name
Kindermusik assignment – blowing light objects  (find objects around the house and experiment…work on breathing/diaphragm)

Earth project
Shape Elephant

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  1. I’m finally getting a chance to read some of your new posts. It’s been a crazy week. Hopefully I’ll get through them now.

    Looks like you had a fun E week, too! Making eyeball mudballs is a great idea!

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