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Meal Plans Week of 10-16-11

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Last week was busy and crazy, but I made it. I spent a few days making and canning applesauce and pearsauce (even dealt with a whole 1/2 bushel of pears in one morning…before breakfast at 6am :P). I also went through 6 squash. Then I baked and cleaned and had guests over. It sure was nice to relax yesterday and not have anything on my to-do list. But this week is back at it. We just got a bunch more apples and squash. More canning and freezing.

I ended up doing about 10 quarts of applesauce and 8 quarts of pearsauce last week. Plus I froze 6 bags of squash (I used a lot of what I made fresh). I also made broth, pesto, mayo, crispy squash seeds, roasted beets, pumpkin cake, pumpkin nut butter bread, apple dumpling muffins, pumpkin scones, froze lots of green peppers and froze 6 lbs. of butter. I think that was enough 😛

This week there is plenty going on. Today is church. Monday is Meijer and I have nursery cmt. Tuesday is farmer’s market and Kindermusik. I did end up going to the FM last week to stock up on peppers. Not sure I’ll be going this week, though…if it’s even open yet. Wednesday is co-op pick up. Friday is MOPS. Saturday we are probably going to Koitsier’s for their fall family fun (our PERKS outing for the month). That is what I have planned. But there could be more. Our pork is ready, so I will likely have to get that one day this week. I would also like to make a trip to Grassfield’s to check out their milking parlor, etc. before we sign our contract. I have to talk to the owner yet about when/if that will happen. If it happens this week there is a good chance our cow share will start next Monday!! I am also considering visiting my grandparents. Since we’re doing the letter G this week I thought that would be something fun. But it will depend on how busy the week gets with all the other errands and if my grandparents will be around.

While we’re not out and about I need to keep working on food preservation. I have a bunch of apples to deal with yet. Ideally I’d like to finish canning applesauce this week. And I’d like to do a batch of apple butter as well. Then I’ll be done with canning for the season!!! That is very exciting. Already this morning I made ghee (my first experiment with that). I can’t believe how easy it was and that I never did it before. It’s the first dairy introduced on GAPS and the easiest to digest. I hope to write a separate post on dairy introduction soon where I’ll give more info. I also need to make another batch of pesto. And see if we have time for an easy G baking project…likely something to bring to my grandparents.

Still plugging along with my GAPS foods. This morning I made a soft scrambled egg in my soup for breakfast. Soooo good! And I added a little ghee. Adds great flavor. Gotta keep finding ways to make things interesting and not get sick of eating mostly the same things every day 😛  On a positive note I’ve found lately that for bedtime snack I actually crave salty/savory foods. I used to think I couldn’t eat anything not sweet at night. But when I go to get a snack sweet stuff, even just fruit doesn’t sound that good. I want salty veggies and pesto. My body must be adjusting and figuring out what’s good and what’s not.

So, here’s the plan so far. Things are likely to change as we figure out extra outings/errands. But for now here’s what we’re doing and what s on the menu.

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S (prep lunch, make ghee, church, make pesto)
  B – chicken broth/stock w/ squash, avocado and soft scrambled egg (me), pumpkin chocolate scones, banana (Justin)
  L – seven layer dinner, applesauce
  D – leftover pizza (Justin), soup w/ egg and squash, pumpkin nut butter bread w/ ghee (me)

M (make/can applesauce, Meijer, nursery cmt)
  B – chicken broth/stock w/ veggies (me), pumpkin parfait (Justin)
  D – pea soup in the cp, banana zucchini bread, nut butter bread

T (prep smoothies, make/can applesauce, FM, KM)
  B – pea soup (me), kefir smoothie, apple muffin (Justin)
  D – spaghetti (spaghetti squash in place of noodles), corn, garlic bread sticks

W (make/can apple butter, GF, pork pick up, co-op, soak flour)
  B – pea soup (me), banana zucchini bread, fruit (Justin)
  D – (separate) – beef and bean burritos (from freezer) (Justin), leftover pea soup (me)

Th (bake coffee cake, make/can applesauce, Children’s Museum)
  B – chicken broth w/ avocado, beets and ghee (me), apple cinnamon coffee cake (Justin)
  D – sweet and sour chicken over spaghetti squash leftovers (me), TBD casserole w/ leftover spaghetti sauce (Justin)

F (clean, make dried apples, MOPS, soak lentils)
  B – chicken broth w/ veggies (me), apple cinnamon coffee cake (Justin)
  D – scrambled green eggs, sausage links, roasted veggies

S (laundry, cook lentils, Koetsier’s, make apple dumplings?, make KM assignment)
  B – chicken broth/stock w/ veggies (me), TBD (Justin)
  D – stuffed squash sweet and sour chicken over spaghetti squash


  1. Sara says:

    Sounds like a fun week! I bet your grandparents would love seeing you guys, hope it works out.

    Sounds like the milk issues have been resolved and you’ll be starting soon – woohoo!! Very cool.

    What is Koetsiers?

    Hope we’ll see you in a week! 🙂

  2. The Voogts says:

    Yeah, we’d like to visit, but I’m not sure now. I just caught the cold Rebecca and Abram had. So we may have to wait until next week.

    I’m going to GF on Wed. Hopefully next week we’ll start our share.

    Koetsiers is a greenhouse. But in the fall they turn it into a family fun place. Very good for young kids. Cheap and lots to do. I’m excited.

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