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The Letter G

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Last week we were pretty busy, so we didn’t do as many projects. But we still had fun. Here’s how it went.

The Letter G

Character – Giving, Gratitude – we talked a lot about what we are thankful for. And we went through Rebeca’s toy box and picked out a few things to give away.
Grandparents – we had to postpone our visit to my grandparents because we had colds, but we’ll do it this week.
Bible stories – Goliath, Gideon, God
Games – we did lots of games and puzzles this week.
Ghost – we made Rebecca’s stuffed animals into ghosts (temporarily :). She had fun playing with them.
Memory Verse – It is He who made us and we are his.
KM assignment – make a shaker/intsrument (we’ll be doing that today or tomorrow)
outings – Children’s Museum (Grocery shopping is Rebecca’s favorite thing there); Koetsiers; MOPS, Grassfields
greater than/less than – workbooks
lots of coloring

Games – Oh Rats
 No Peeking
Children’s Museum
Grocery shopping





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