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Meal Plans Week of 10-23-11

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Wow, the last full week of October already! Hard to believe it’s almost Halloween. We’ll be heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas before we know it.

We had a busy but fun week last week. We ended up going somewhere every day. We took a trip to Grassfield’s to check out their milking set up. And I’m happy to say we’ll be starting our cow share next week! We also picked up our half pig. The freezer is now stocked with beef, chicken and pork. We went to the Children’s Museum. Rebecca asks if we can go every day, so we finally went. Of course the next day she asked if we could go again πŸ˜›  We also had MOPS. Always fun. And yesterday we went to Koetsier’s Greenhouse. In the fall they turn it into a family fun area with a maze, pumpkin painting, games, inflatable toys and goodies. We also got a booster seat for Rebecca yesterday. Hard to believe she’s big enough for that. She still fits in her other seat fine…but Abram will not last much longer in his seat πŸ˜›  At 5 months old he can barely fit in the infant carrier. So we’ll have to give him the larger seat soon.

I was definitely busy in the kitchen. But I’m happy to say my canning for 2011 is done! I went through a lot of apples last week. I canned lots of applesauce and apple butter. I made dried apples, apple cinnamon coffee cake and apple dumplings (recipe to come). Now we just have a few apples left for eating.

Another busy week begins. Today is church. Right after church we’ll pack up and head to Lansing for Boo at the Zoo at Potter Park Zoo. We’re meeting my siblings and their families there. I’m sure the kids will all have a blast! Monday is Meijer or just stay home for once πŸ˜›  Tuesday is KM and possibly Meijer. Wednesday we’re visiting my grandparents. Friday we’re going to the trick-or-treat event at Justin’s work.

Not sure about extras this week. Now that the food preservation is done (aside from squash…but that’s not urgent) I want to take a little break from craziness in the kitchen. And get my house in order. Just yesterday I finally put away some gift bags that had been sitting out from gifts we got when Abram was born! Yeah, I’m a bit behind on house work. I keep up with the basics, but there is a lot more to do. I am bringing a meal to my grandparents on Wed., so I need to figure out what that is going to be and make it. Rebecca and I will likely do some kind of baking project this week. Again, I’m not sure what. Probably something we can share with my grandparents. We do need to decorate our pumpkins and make Rebecca’s KM instrument.

We’ll be starting our milk share next week, so I’ll be starting on making dairy products then. I guess I better read up on how to do it this week.

I’m sure other stuff will come up as the week goes on, but that’s it for now. I’m anxious to be able to focus on Rebecca’s school work a bit more this week. And just get my house and life back in order a bit. Here’s what’s on the menu. I haven’t filled in breakfasts yet. I’ll do that as the week goes on. And I think I’m going to be brave and attempt salad this week. It’s been sounding so good to me lately. And with lowering my miralax more and more I think I need a little bit of raw veggie in my diet.
S (make kefir, prep lunch, church, PPZ)
  B – broth/stock w/ avocado, peas, eggs, ghee and fermented veggie juice (me), apple cinnamon coffee cake, fruit (Justin)
  L – picnic in the car or at the zoo – sandwiches, chips, grapes, apples, dried apples, cheese, nuts, carrots, popcorn, yogurt
  D – pesto chicken salad, squash

M (prep breakfast and lunch, bake treat for grandparents, make KM instrument)
  B – broth/stock w/ veggies (me), hard boiled egg, toast (Justin)
  D – roasted chicken breasts, roasted red potatoes, onions and carrots sweet and sour beef and chicken over rice w/ cashews

T (KM, prep dinner for grandparents (tomato soup w/ ground beef, honey ww bread w/ apple butter)
  B – sweet and sour soup w/ ghee (me), homemade chewy granola bar, fruit, yogurt (Justin)
  D – hamburgers, homemade fries, beans

W (make ketchup, prep smoothies, cook/freeze squash, visit grandparents)
  B – broth/stock w/ ground beef and veggies (me), toast w/ pb, yogurt w/ granola (Justin)
  D – pork chops w/ apples over rice, squash

Th (soak beans, make pesto, make mayo, Meijer)
  B – broth/stock w/ veggies (me), hard boiled egg, toast (Justin)
  D – BLA salad (me), BLA sandwich (Justin), veggies

F (cook beans, prep dinner, make smoothies, make cookies, clean, work Halloween party, soak lentils)
  B – broth/stock w/ veggies (me), kefir smoothie, granola bar (Justin)
  D – (prep ahead/crockpot) – white bean and sausage soup

S (laundry, cook lentils, shopping, decorate pumpkins and cookies)
  B – broth/stock w/ veggies (me), (Justin)
  D – stuffed squash w/ lentils, sausage, bacon and veggies


  1. Sara says:

    Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it, for sure! I’ve already got a great start on my Christmas shopping… I’m actually done with several people already and Carson is just about done, too.

    So the cow share starts next week… I figured it’d be this week after reading your post on dairy earlier. Bummer its not this week, but AWESOME that it’ll be next week!! πŸ™‚

    Sounds like you guys had a really fun week last week. With as many times as you guys have been to the GRCM, you ought to get a membership!

    Great job on all the canning/preserving! It is nice to be done… or at least mostly done.

    Glad we got to see you all yesterday! We all had a lot of fun. Carson was so happy to see Rebecca!

  2. Mary Voogt says:

    Good for you! I haven’t thought about Christmas πŸ˜› Although we just found out we may have to go to WI this year…the other siblings will be there. Not looking forward to trying to figure out those plans…coordinate dates with them and our family. What a headache.

    We were going to start milk this week, but we have a few gallons of Moovill in the fridge to use up. So we decided to wait a week yet. No big deal. We start Monday morning. Can’t wait!

    Yes, we seriously need a membership! I’m going to put it on our/Rebecca’s Christmas list. We’re trying to think of some different things this year…I feel like we have so much/she has so many toys. I want small things or things like memberships, outings, etc.

  3. Sara says:

    I’m sure everyone will figure it all out just fine. I think when you expect the headache it’s much more likely to cause/be one. If you enter a situation with preconceived notions about how it’ll progress… you’ll end up entering the discussions abrasively or expecting the worst… which almost always leads to the worst. At least in my experience. πŸ™‚

    I started making our Christmas lists in the last week or so. I’ve been putting some tickets and magazine subscriptions on Carson’s and for our family, too. I agree… too much “stuff.” The only “stuff” I think I’ll be putting on his list will pretty much be all learning related. He still needs fun things… it’s no fun for a kid to open tickets or a magazine subscription. πŸ™‚ But I don’t want big things either… luckily Carson finds things like children’s microscopes and globes fun! ;-P He’ll especially need some new things since he’s out growing so many of the younger toys we have… we’ll need more advanced stuff to keep him going.

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