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Sour Cream (GAPS-legal)

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I mentioned before that we started our cow share on Monday. So my dairy adventures continue this week. I made ice cream on Tuesday. Yesterday I made sour cream. I have read various methods on how to do it/what ingredients to use. So I just started experimenting and using what I have on hand. I used a little bit of cream that was left after making ice cream and some plain yogurt for the culture. I was very happy to see that it thickened nicely and has great flavor. I really enjoyed it in my soup this morning. I’ll have to experiment with times and ratios. I was just using a little leftover cream to give it a try this time. I think I used about a pint of cream and a couple Tbsp. of yogurt. It cultured for about 24 hours. Now I understand why it was so hard to find a “recipe” for sour cream. There isn’t really one. Just mix cream with a live culture and let it sour in a warm place. I’ll have to update this post when I figure out our ideal ratios. But I’m thankful that my first attempt went well. Maybe I’ll trying making it with kefir sometime to get even more good bacteria in it. It was almost impossible to take a picture of it. But you get the idea. Today’s adventure…yogurt. Post(s) to come 🙂  Homemade sour cream is allowed already on GAPS intro. So this is a great dairy product to make right away when doing GAPS.

Sour Cream

Cream (preferably raw) (1 pt – 1 qt)
live culture (yogurt, kefir, buttermilk) (2-5 Tbsp.)

Mix cream and yogurt in a glass jar. Cover and place in a warm, dark spot for about 24 hours to culture. Transfer to the refrigerator.


  1. Sara says:

    I’ve never tried sour cream from yogurt culture. I’ve thought about using kefir before, but never have. I’ve used sour cream and buttermilk, plus a couple different cultures from a packet. I like it using sour cream or the packet cultures best.

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