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Meal Plans Week of 11-13-11

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Mid November already. And it finally feels like it. We had our first snow last week. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. Although I don’t think I’m ever ready for snow πŸ˜›  Rebecca sure was excited. We had a fun, but interesting week last week. Justin was out of town two days, which always makes for some challenges. And this time was no exception. It seems we always have a storm/bad weather when Justin is gone. So of course he left Tueday morning…and that afternoon our power went out. Thankfully it came on fairly quickly (only about an hour w/o power), but it was still un-nerving. No power, husband out of town…and my cell phone battery was dead. We were totally cut off. Then Wednesday morning as I was flossing one of my fillings fell out! One that I had just gotten in August. So I made some phone calls and was able to get into the dentist that morning. And thankfully my Aunt Marcia was willing to watch the kids (it helps that she lives 60 seconds down the road from our dentist :). We learned something new on Wednesday…Abram’s fear of strangers/separation anxiety is in full swing. He was crying when I dropped him off…and still crying when I came back. Poor guy. We were all thankful when Justin came home Wednesday night πŸ™‚  Aside from that we did our usual errands. Plus we had nursery duty for MOPS. So Rebecca got to play with lots of other kids while I got a little Mommy social time πŸ™‚  And yesterday we had one of Justin’s co-workers over. Rebecca had a blast with his 2 kids.

Since we were having people over I was plenty busy around the house and in the kitchen last week. Lots of deeper cleaning (always good to have some motivation for that). I also made ice cream, two batches of sour cream, two batches of yogurt, pesto, two batches of hot fudge, caramel, roasted beets, cheesecake and homemade rolls. I didn’t intend to do two batches of fudge, but the first one got so thick. So I tried it again…still very thick. It’s the same recipe I always use. I’m wondering if a stainless steel pan vs. a non-stick pan can cause that. It was fun to make cheesecake. I haven’t done that in a while. As usual everyone loved it. Especially with homemade chocolate, caramel, crispy pecans and blueberry topping. I am planning to make cheesecake again in a couple weeks for Thanksgiving. But this time I want to try making it completely from scratch…homemade graham crackers for the crust (I did half homemade and half boughten this time), homemade cream cheese (from our homemade yogurt), etc. I hope it turns out well. We’ve really been enjoying our homemade yogurt. So far I’ve made strawberry, blueberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate chip, apple cinnamon and caramel apple. I haven’t heard any complaints πŸ™‚

So on to this week. Busy as usual. Today is church. Monday is milk pick up and Abram’s 6 month check up. Hard to believe he’s 6 months old already. But he sure is looking like it. I’m guessing he’s over 20 lbs. now. He’s very mobile. And his 2nd tooth finally poked through. Tuesday is Kindermusik. Wednesday is Harvest Health. I like that I only have to go there once in a while now to stock up on some staples. Probably only once a month at most. Friday is MOPS. Not sure about Saturday yet. I might make a trip to the fabric store to get some projects.

In the kitchen I plan to make more sour cream and yogurt. I might try butter this week too. We’ll see. Since I’m eating a lot of sour cream right now I use most of our cream for that. I need to make a new batch of graham crackers. I want to make some homemade cream cheese to see what the texture is like/see if it will be possible to make cheesecake with it. I want to bake/freeze pumpkin. I’d like to make a new batch of lard. And we’re getting low on nut butter (and the more crispy nuts I use for nut butter the fewer there will be to tempt me :P). Finally I want to make bagels. Since I’m making cream cheese and Rebecca loves bagels I thought that would be a fun baking project. I haven’t made them in a while. My other food adventure will be starting solids for Abram either this week or next week. I haven’t planned it out yet. And I forgot to mention last week that I threw away my sourdough. I haven’t been feeding it lately. I just don’t use it very often. And our fridge space is limited these days with so much milk and other dairy products/large glass jars. So I tossed it. Maybe some day I’ll start a new one. But for now we’re without sourdough.

Update on me…I’m doing pretty well. I think I’m finally past the die off from introducing cultured dairy. Praise the Lord! That was not fun. I’ve been eating quite a bit of sour cream. And even a little bit of yogurt the last 2 days. What a treat to make a smoothie yesterday with sour cream and yogurt! As far as I can tell it’s going ok so far. We’ll see how I feel today (especially after snitching a little cheesecake :P). I can tell that dairy is making a difference in my health. I think my milk supply has been up since introducing dairy. Not that I was looking (just look at Abram :P). But I think it’s up now from what it was. I’m learning that I need a LOT of fat in my diet. It really helps my digestion. Whenever I make soup I put 1 or 2 Tbsp. of butter in it. Plus some sour cream. And sometimes other fats as well. That works well. I still use plenty of coconut oil in my smoothies. And I still try to eat as many egg yolks as possible. As you can see from my recent posts I’m coming up with new snack ideas and new ways to eat eggs (russian custard, creme caramel, berries w/ sour cream and honey). I’m trying to get more variety in my diet. I think that helps too. I tend to find one thing that works well and then eat it day after day. But I find my body does better if I get a little more variety. Still trying not to eat too many nuts. I’ve been doing pretty well this week. No major splurges. I usually let myself have a few here and there. Finally I think my hormones are a big factor right now. I think it’s the 6 months post partum trying to get back to normal shift πŸ˜›  I think that’s part of the cause of all the headaches I’m having lately. My hair loss finally seems to be slowing down. I’ve been having lots of metal mouth (something I get with a big hormone shift). And lots of little things that point to hormones. So hopefully that adjustment will taper off soon.

Well, I think that’s long enough for today. I’ve got a noisy, growly boy here that I should try to get back to sleep. He’s been up playing since 6 am. And if he doesn’t get his rest he is not pleasant to be around πŸ˜›  Here’s what’s on the menu.
S (prep breakfast and lunch, church, make mayo)
  L – meatloaf, baked potato, squash (all in cp)
  D – soaked squash pancakes w/ blueberry topping and homemade whipped cream, scrambled eggs or hashbrown egg bake, smoothies/shakes (cheesecake for dessert)

M (Dr. S., GF, strain/freeze chicken stock, cook pumpkin, make chicken broth)
  D – roasted chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes

T (KM, skim cream, make sour cream, make yogurt, strain/freeze chicken broth, make bread)
  D – pumpkin soup, root beer bread

W (HH, make butter, make lard, WT)
  D – spaghetti squash with porkk meatballs and pesto, peas

Th (make graham crackers, make nut butter, make ice cream)
  D – gf chicken nuggets w/ honey mustard, roasted squash

F (clean, MOPS, make cream cheese)
  D – pancake and sausage muffins, sweet potato hash browns, russian custard w/ bluberries

S (fabric store?, make bagels)
  D – bagels w/ cream cheese and nut butter, fried eggs, veggies, fruit


  1. Sara says:

    Glad you made it through the die off finally! And very cool that yogurt is going well so far, too!

    I threw out my sourdough starter a long time ago, too. I figure its not difficult to make another if I ever want it again.

    I’ve made cheesecake with homemade soft cheese before. It turned out great. I like the texture of soft cheese over yogurt cheese. Plus it tastes a little more like cream cheese than yogurt cheese does. I just don’t think yogurt cheese tastes very close to cream cheese, though.

    I take it you guys aren’t considering Silver Bells? I was wondering since you never said more about it after asking about timing.

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