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The Letter T

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Last week we studied the letter T. A lot of what we did centered on Tinkerbell 🙂  So, anything related to fairies.

The Letter T

character – Thankful
Tinkerbell – book from the library, fairy wand and crown, wings (pb/honey sandwich cut out like wings) and wand (star fruit on sticks) lunch, blue moonstone and pixie dust scepter snack (gf sugar cone w/ blue moon ice cream and sprinkles)
Tropical juice (we have a couple juice boxes left from the summer, so she got part of one (Tropical) yesterday. It was a pack of 3…and we still had 2 left if that tells you anything about how often Rebecca gets juice :P)
food – Try new foods – Now that Abram rides in the shopping cart and Rebecca walks, I let her help me pick out produce at the store. It was fun to pick some favorites and try some new things. She picked starfruit, watermelon, peppers, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and coconut.

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