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Monthly Goals – September 2012

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September is here. Although I’m always sad to see summer coming to an end I really do love fall. I just wish it didn’t have to be followed by winter 😛  We’ve really enjoyed our summer and tried to make the most of it. I think we are all ready for fall activities to begin now and see friends at Kindermusik and MOPS. Plus meet new friends at school. No major goal changes this month. Our main focus is just getting into the swing of things with a new routine and the start of school.


1. Rebecca’s Recipes – continue to let Rebecca plan one meal a week. I might also have her start planning Saturday breakfasts.

2. Food preservation – I would like to can more spaghetti sauce. Normally I would also be gearing up for lots of applesauce and pearsauce. But there won’t be many apples or pears around here this year because of the hot/dry summer. So we’ll just have to see what’s available. I will likely freeze more squash as well.

3. Family health – Make the health of the whole family a top priority. Especially as cold season starts. I want to be sure everyone is eating lots of nourishing foods.


1. Supplements – I will continue to take cod liver oil, vitamins, pituitrophin, min-trans and cholenest for now. I’ll talk to my friend soon to see how things are going and if we need to adjust any of the supplements.

3. Psychologist – I will be seeing my psychologist once this month to work on strategies for parenting Rebecca.



a. Continue her encouragement chart to help focus on the positive/good things she does.
b. Eating – encourage Rebecca to focus on her food and set a time limit.
c. Mommy-daughter date – American Girl tea party
d. Start preschool!! We’re all excited and anxious. We’re praying she does well and that she enjoys learning Spanish.


a. Work on development/milestones – talking.
b. Organize closet.
c. Work on eating/figuring out what he likes/letting him feed himself.

a. Writing – Continue writing for GRNL and RFAH magazine.
b. Purpose – Pray about/seek purpose and ways to use my passions and talents.
c. Sewing/hobbies – I want to make a bag for Abram, doll clothes, matching aprons for Rebecca her doll and me


  1. Sara says:

    Nice list of goals again this month!

    I haven’t canned any pasta sauce this year yet… I’ve done lots of salsa, though. We just don’t use pasta sauce that often lately. I still have a ton left from last year. I’ve been rationing our applesauce b/c of the hit local apples took with the early spring warmup and freezes so I have enough for when Bristol starts eating foods. Its really strange to think of fall with very limited pears and apples.

    Have fun with the sewing – you have some great project ideas! Matching aprons will be cute! I am hoping to get sewing here again soon. I have some things I need to get going on for Christmas. I got the fabric out yesterday and am hoping to get it cut at some point today so its ready to go.

  2. Mary Voogt says:

    We’re the opposite…we have so much salsa left from last year. I used to eat it all the time but now I can’t tolerate it 🙁 I miss it!! Anyway, now we have a ton. We still have a fair amount of spaghetti sauce too, but we use that more often. And Abram seems to like it (had it for the first time this week). So I want to have that stocked. Spaghetti is always an easy meal the whole family loves.

    I need to get back on track with my sewing projects. Hopefully soon.

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