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Meal Plans Week of 9-2-12

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The start of a new week. And I’m glad. We did have a lot of fun last week (2 trips to the zoo, played at the park, a visit to the library, lots of time outside/playing in the sandbox)…but I also had my share of mishaps. I may or may not have broken my toe on Tuesday (it’s bruised and can’t bend well, but it doesn’t really hurt). I drank some bad coconut water and had some pretty severe stomach aches. I’m still trying to get my tummy back on track now. I smacked my nose into our steel kitchen door (more bruising and bleeding…thankfully it didn’t end up looking too bad). I also dropped a big pack of frozen breakfast cookies on my foot…and have a huge bruise from that. Colds for all of us. Plenty of little daily ups and downs. I’m ready for a fresh start this week.

Today is church. Monday we will be visiting family for the holiday. Tuesday is farmer’s market. Wednesday…it’s finally here…Rebecca’s preschool open house! She and I will be going to her class and meeting the teacher and half of her classmates for an hour. She starts school next week. No other major plans this week. I’m glad we have a little down time before everything starts up next week.

I was crazy lady in the kitchen again last week. I finally started canning, I made a batch of buster bars (updated recipe to come…involved making a batch of chocolate cookies, cream filling, ice cream and fudge sauce) and a REAL cheesecake (updated recipe to come…involved making cream cheese and sour cream). Plus yogurt, kefir, pesto, sd brownies, froze beans, made/froze broth, froze zucchini and made scones.

I think I need to take it easy in the kitchen this week. No more desserts 😛  Hopefully I can spend a little time starting some sewing projects this week. I also really need to organize the kids’ closets and drawers. Hopefully I can get started on that today. I’m not sure what preservation needs to be done this week. Maybe none. Maybe I’ll bake/freeze some more squash. I will likely make more yogurt as well. I’ve been wanting to make cinnamon rolls for a while now. So I might give that a try this weekend. I’ve made them before, but not in a few years at least. We’ll see.

I’m still adjusting to my new supplements and trying to figure out if they are working. I can’t say I’m experiencing any significant improvement at the moment. We’ll see how the week goes.

On to the menu. I haven’t asked Rebecca for much input yet, so one of the meals could change. But she did request waffles, so that is on the menu tonight.
S (prep lunch, make smoothies, make kefir, church, organize rooms)
  B – banana yogurt, sd blueberry muffins (from freezer)
  L – pork chops w/ dried fruit, rice, squash
  D – waffles, bacon, milkshakes

M (Crossroads)
  B – smoothie, leftover waffles
  L – picnic
  D – grill TBD, fresh beans

T (skim cream, make sc, make yogurt, fm)
  B – oatmeal
  D – zucchini carrot soup, bread (from freezer)

W (sewing, open house)
  B – smoothie, TBD from freezer
  D – hot dog fries, peas, homemade fries

Th (sewing, make ice cream)
  B – sd breakfast cookies, fruit
  D – fried fish, broccoli, baked potato wedges pan seared salmon, rice, peas

F (soak flour, sewing, make mayo, make hot fudge)
  B – yogurt, granola, fruit soaked cereal, fruit
  D – soaked egg cups, carrots, fruit TBD eggs, veggies, fruit

S (make cinnamon rolls, clean)
  B – cinnamon rolls
  D – sloppy joe cups or cheeseburger cups, beans, chips, fruit


  1. Sara says:

    We are all looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow! I hope the kids do well on the ride, especially Rebecca. Does just sitting and riding make her sick, or is it when she’s reading or working on something? I have some friends that cannot read or look down at anything in the car, but they’re ok if they’re just looking up/out their window/around the car. They also need to sit in the middle seat in back, or in the front so as to be able to see where they’re going. Maybe that’s something that could help Rebecca?

    Let me know what size you think Abram will need for fall/winter clothes and shoes.

  2. Mary Voogt says:

    Definitely reading, etc. makes it worse. But last week she was just looking out the window. I feel so bad for her. Hopefully having me sitting next to her to keep her distracted and help with anything will keep her feeling ok.

    At the moment he’s wearing 18-24m stuff. I may have given you back stuff that still fits 😛 I’m hoping to go through stuff today so I can bring stuff tomorrow for Bristol and anything that we need to give back. His shoes are still size 5…it’s just tough to find the right fit. My kids seem to have chubby feet 😛

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