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End of Month Recap – May 2013

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So sad to see my Mother’s May come to an end 😛  Overall it’s been a good month. We spent a lot of time outside. We finished our regular activities. And I’ve been working on my health. I’ve also learned that my time spent taking care of myself doesn’t have to end here. I should ALWAYS focus on my own needs so that I am able to better meet the needs of my family. Here is how it went.

1. Writing – I wrote articles for Real Food and Health and Grand Rapids Natural Living. I also did quite a bit of writing on my blog.

2. Photography – I’m having fun with photo editing.

3. Healing – I continue to push myself to make progress (despite my anxieties). Most nights I get at least 7 hours of sleep (I know I should get even more, but that is a HUGE improvement for me…baby steps). I try to spend some time in the sun each day (as long as it’s not raining). I continue to stretch each day. I took a hula hoop class. I continue to rotate my foods for the most part, but I also don’t stress over it. I did add yogurt back into my diet. So far I think I’m doing ok with it. I only have it once every 4 days at the most. I’m doing my best to be ok with weight gain and focusing on nourishing my body. I have read The Nourished Metabolism twice now. Here is my review of it. This is a process that could take a while. I’m working on it bit by bit.

4. Homemade Food – I am working on replacing all packaged foods in my cupboard. So far so good.

5. Relationships – Rebecca and I went dress shopping. Justin and I got to go out for dinner with some church friends.

6. Rebecca – I have not yet tried gluten again with Rebecca. But I have realized that the biggest culprit food-wise is anything artificial (dyes, colors, etc.) or added (“natural” flavors, etc.). So avoiding any kind of packaged food is key (hence goal #4 :). Whether or not properly prepared baked goods at home made with wheat would be ok is still TBD.

7. Crafts – Rebecca and I had a fun craft time together this week. We need to do that more often…which means I need to come up with more crafts for myself…pinterest here I come 😛

8. Cakes – I made a fun car cake for Abram’s birthday.

9. Declutter – I think the kids wanted May to be clutter month 😛

10. Acceptance – A big work in progress.


Here are some great reads for the month:

Wonder what the soy lecithin sludge is in your food? Girl Meets Nourishment will tell you.

This coconut pear crisp from The Skinny Pear sounds delicious!

I just might have to try this method for spring cleaning my house. A Joyful Mother makes it sound pretty doable in just 3 hours!

I’m always wondering how to get a good fish oil supplement since I have a hard time with fermented cod liver oil. Fooduciary explains what to look for.

I usually just compost my broccoli stalks. I think I might start using them for broth or to eat now. Thanks to Healy Real Food Vegetarian for this list of what to do with them.

Here is some neat information about tooth decay and what to do about it from Culinary Tidbits.

Here is a great summary of why you might want to go gluten free from Food That Grows. It’s the reason my daughter and I are gluten free right now.

I am seriously going to have to try making cultured butter with sour cream! I have tried so many times to make butter from cream and failed. Maybe I can get this method from Oh Lardy to work!

Our kids take 2-4 baths a week. This post from Growing Up Herbal about how often to bathe your child and how often to use soap is very informative. I might start cutting back on soap/shampoo for my kids, especially since my son has really dry skin patches.

I need to make this coconut oil body butter from The Nourished Life for the whole family.

And links to my own articles if you missed any of them:

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Goals of the Month – May 2013

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