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Goals Of The Month – June 2013

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It’s June! It’s summer time. It’s time to take it easy, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and just play. Sounds like a plan for relaxing and healing to me 🙂  We do have a family wedding/weekend away and a family birthday party. But no other big plans this month. Here are my goals.

1. Writing – Brainstorm topics for the RFH Sept/Oct issue and write my GRNL article.

2. Photography – Keep doing what I’m doing and have fun with photo editing. Do some reading in my photography book if time allows.

3. Healing – This month my focus is on getting at least 7 hours of sleep EVERY night…and hopefully more some nights. I am also trying to reduce stress. Now that our usual activities are done we can take it easy and just have fun.

I want to be in the sun every day if possible (unless it’s rainy all day).

I might try a new/stronger Betaine supplement to help with digestion/stomach acid.

4. Homemade Food – I am gradually working on stocking my pantry with homemade goodies.

Our local farmer’s market starts this month. Which means times to preserve food!

5. Relationships – We will have lots of family time this month with my BIL’s wedding and my niece’s birthday. I also have to come up with a Mommy-daughter date.

6. Rebecca – This month I’m going to focus on reducing anxiety for her and keeping her diet free of anything artificial. She is going to do a cheerleading camp. And we will be doing some hands-on fun learning.

7. Crafts – No big plans here. Just enjoy crafting with Rebecca. If time allows I can browse pinterest for ideas for Christmas gifts. I might also do some odds and ends sewing.

8. Cakes – I will be making a small wedding cake for my BIL (just a “topper” for the bride and groom).

9. Declutter – Sort toys and clothes as time allows.

10. Acceptance – Continue to work on accepting my body, especially as it changes during healing.

11. Service – start to help with nursery cmt soon.


  1. Sara says:

    Hi Mary, just a heads up that this post Ian mobile friendly for some reason. The first paragraph is fine, but as soon as the number start its not. I tried on both of my phones. It’s super wide as soon as the number start, doesn’t zoom out and doesn’t scroll to allow reading of the post. So I can see about half of the lines of text and half of the pictures. However, like I said, the first paragraph before the numbering starts is lined up as normal and is completely fine.

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