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Meal Plans Week of 2-9-14

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I made it. I made it through yet another week. And now I have to plan meals. I really don’t want to think about food. In case you missed my little secret, go check out why I could care less about food right now. But my family must eat. So I’ll do my best. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be feeling better and be able to start eating better.

Our week isn’t too busy. Both kids have Kindermusik. I have to go grocery shopping. I have a MomBreak steering team meeting.

Last week I made homemade gummies for the kids. They always love it when I do. The one problem…a huge batch is already gone. We’ll see if I have enough energy to make another batch this week. I love having them on hand since they are so healthy. I also made myself some squash scones. I figure it’s at least a little bit of vegetable I’m consuming. Since Friday is Valentine’s Day I told the kids we might be able to make cookies or cupcakes. I hope I can actually do it now. I would love to make either granola bars or breakfast cookies that my son can eat. We’ll see what time and energy allows. I think that’s it for kitchen projects this week.

Last week I finally pulled out the box of maternity clothes. So this week I get to wash them all. And see if there is anything I can wear yet! Today is a big day for me. 12 weeks! Quite a milestone.

I hope to work on my health update this week. There is so much to tell!! Be on the lookout.

Here is this week’s menu. As usual right now I’m going for simple and tolerable. How about you? Eet smakelijk!

sourdough pizza


S (church, make gummies)
L – cp pork chops, noodles w/ gravy, broccoli
D – (separate) – pizza, grilled cheese

M (make breakfast cookies or granola bars, put away laundry)
D – lasagna, beans

T (AKM, RKM, orchestra, make chicken broth)
D – (prep ahead) – cp roast chicken w/ vegetables

W (Meijer)
D – sloppy joes, salad

Th (bake cookies/cupcakes, dance)
D – (early) – beef and bean burritos

D – heart -shaped pancakes w/ strawberry topping, scrambled eggs, roasted cauliflower

S ()
D – grilled steak, baked potatoes, broccoli w/ cheese sauce


  1. Sounds like you’re starting to feel a little better each day! Crazy how fast this seems to be going – 12 weeks already!? Only a couple more weeks till the 2nd trimester – you’re almost there!!!! 🙂

    Is Abram eating most things now? or do you make modifications for him to eat the pizza/grilled cheese, lasagna, burritos, pancakes/eggs, etc.?

    • Mary says:

      I wish I was feeling better 😛 I’m just doing my best. I’ve actually had a few really bad days. I’m trying to eat some ok foods to help out. It’s often force feeding because I know what will help…even though it doesn’t sound good at all.

      No, Abram can’t eat any of his allergens. I just modify things or make him something else. Like when I do lasagna I’ll make his own noodles and give him the meat sauce like spaghetti. He just gets leftovers tonight. The burritos I’ll make so he can eat them…some without cheese. And I always make our pancakes with stuff he can eat. I only make the eggs for Justin. It’s usually a lot of extra work, but I do my best to get us all fed with nourishing foods our bodies can tolerate.

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