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Meal Plans Week of 2-16-14

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Good morning. This is an exciting week. Why? I will be leaving the first trimester (yeah!). And the weather is starting to change. We might have a couple 40 degree days!! It’s like a heat wave. Sadly it will come with rain…and then get cold again and freeze. But I’m excited for some warmer weather. Spring is coming.

We really don’t have too much going on this week. Monday and Tuesday are winter break, so no school. We still have Kindermusik, dance and MomBreak.


Last week we managed to make some special Valentine’s Day cupcakes and heart-shaped pancakes. I don’t have any big baking plans this week. But I know the kids are anxious to do more baking with me. Maybe we’ll make a batch of graham crackers or muffins.

I’m still not feeling great, but am noticing minor improvements. I was able to do some decent house cleaning yesterday. And we even went out to eat!

I also had bloodwork done. Just standard pregnancy stuff. Everything looks great.

Hopefully this week my kids will give me a few minutes to write so I can post my health update. It’s been fun to look back at last year and see just how much things changed.

For now it’s time for the menu. What are you eating? Eet smakelijk!


*****MENU *****

S (church)
L – cp beef roast w/ vegetables
D – leftovers

M (make graham crackers, no school)
D – hot dogs and brats, french fries, beans

T (bake bread?, no school, AKM, RKM)
D – (prep ahead) – chicken noodle soup, bread

W (co-op)
D – (separate) – tater tot casserole, applesauce

Th (dance)
D – (separate) – beef and bean burritos

F (MB)
D – sausage, chocolate chip scones, smoothies, sauteed zucchini

S (nephew’s birthday party?)
D – at party or grilled steak, baked potatoes, broccoli w/ cheese sauce (on side)


  1. First of all…CONGRATULATIONS on baby #3!!! So excited for you!!!
    I came to your blog to ask a question about your soaked zucchini bread recipe. It says 2 eggs separated. The whites get whipped to add at the last but it doesn’t say anything about using the yolks. Do you add them in with you batter or discard them?
    Again…CONGRATULATIONS,! We are thrilled that Jessica is expecting too. What a miracle!

    • Mary says:

      Thanks, Christi! We are so thrilled. And yes, very exciting about Jessica too!!

      If you’re talking about the soaked gluten free zucchini bread, then yes, add the egg yolks with the batter. When it says “add the remaining ingredients” the yolks are included. I hope that helps. And I hope you enjoy the bread!! It’s one of our favorites.

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