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Meal Plans Week of 3-30-14

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Good morning. March is almost done…and hopefully the really cold weather is too. I hope the 60* forecast for tomorrow is true!!

We don’t have a whole lot going on this week aside from the usual activities like school and Kindermusik. That means it’s time to work on cleaning! At least that’s my plan for now. We’ll see how my body and my kids feel about the idea. My husband’s birthday is Saturday. So we’ll be going out for dinner.

I would also like to get a few things done in the kitchen. Last week I made ice cream, muffins, scones (recipe coming this week!) and graham crackers. This week I want make gummies and “cheese” crackers. If time allows my kids would like me to make chocolates.

My kids’ birthdays are quickly approaching as well. That means it’s time to plan cakes. I also have to plan my little guy’s party (he can’t be turning 3 already!!).

Here is our menu for the week. Simple but nutritious. What’s on your menu? Eet smakelijk!



S (church, nursery, make gummies, make broth)
L – cp chicken legs, potatoes, carrots
D – bacon mac ‘n’ cheese, sauteed zucchini and spinach

M (make “cheese” crackers)
D – tacos

D – (prep ahead) – crockpot gumbo

W ()
D – salmon cakes, baked potatoes, squash

Th ()
D – hamburgers, fries, broccoli

F ()
D – TBD chicken, salad

S (Justin’s birthday)
D – out to eat

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