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Peaches – Canned

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I did it. I finally tried out my pressure canner. And I finally canned peaches! Boy that is a lot of work. I had intended to can a full half bushel. But ended up freezing half of it. I just didn’t have the time or bowl/pot capacity for canning that many peaches. And I had to use them up yesterday. They were getting pretty ripe…probably riper than they should have been, but Thurs. was just too busy to deal with them. Anyway, I’m glad I tried it. Now we have 3 qts. and 6 pts. of peaches in the pantry. That’ll do for this year. I think I might hold off on peaches again until we don’t have young children. It’s a long process, and I don’t have several hours at a time that I can devote to canning. I am also glad I got to try my pressure canner and figure it out. It’s kind of a pain to use on our stove. Our microwave is above our stove…and the canner BARELY fits. You have to have it partly off the burner to get the lid on and off. Anyway, I’m glad I have it so I can can more foods and for canning more jars at once. But I’ll still use my boiling water canner too. For the peaches I used a very light syrup…not much sugar at all. Hopefully they taste good 🙂

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