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A Healthy Lifestyle Does Work

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A little over 2 years ago I had some bloodwork done and it showed that I had hypothyroidism. I was put on medication to correct the problem. At that time I was taking 125 mcg a day. While I was pregnant with Rebecca things imroved slightly (pregnancy can affect your thyroid) and it was lowered to 112 mcg. I had been at that dose for a long time…until about the beginning of July this year. I had my anual check up and more bloodwork. My level was running high, so they lowered my dose to 100 mcg. I was retested in August. It was still high. So they lowered my dose to 75 mcg. Last week I had my level checked again. And it is still high! So now I’m down to 50 mcg. I get retested again in December. I firmly believe that changing my diet, eating habits and overall lifestyle have made the difference. When you take care of your body it works the way it’s supposed to. No wonder I was so thin for a while…taking such a high dose of medication when I didn’t need to made me hyperthyroid instead of hypothyroid. If this trend continues I may be able to stop taking medicaiton all together. Like I’ve said before, I feel healthier now than I have my entire life. And I want to keep my whole family strong and healthy. So I will continue to work hard to provide healthy, homemade food and promote a healthy overall lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle does work!

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