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Real Fruit Popsicles

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This isn’t much of a recipe, but I thought I’d share it anyway. Just a fun, healthy summer treat. I cut up a whole watermelon the other day. And realized we could never eat that much watermelon before it goes bad. Sometimes when I have a lot I freeze it. I love to eat it frozen. And Rebecca and I will both eat it when it has thawed. But we already have some in the freezer. So I thought about what else I could do with extra watermelon. And I decided to try making popsicles with it. And it worked! All I did was puree some watermelon and freeze it. That’s it. Nothing added, no extra sugar. Just pure watermelon. And they are so good! Rebecca devoured one last night. I wish I had more strawberries now. They would be even better with strawberry puree mixed in. I have a little more watermelon to use up. I think I’ll make a few more popsicles. And I might see if I can make some watermelon fruit leather too. Just thought I’d pass along this simple idea for a healthy summer treat. It’s especially good for kids or for anyone trying to cut down on added sugar. I think this would work for a lot of fruits. And you can mix them too. I’ll have to try different flavors. Excuse the picture…Rebecca had already taken a couple bites 🙂

Watermelon (Fruit) Popsicles


Puree watermelon in a blender. Pour into popsicle molds or cups w/ popsicle sticks. Freeze. Enjoy 🙂


  1. Sara says:

    I’ve made these just about every year of my life. My grandma and I used to make them together when I was little, with whatever fruit was in season. Then I’d get my mom to make them with me. I made some a few weeks ago, a few days after I made chocolate pudding popsicles. I used strawberries and bananas for that batch – yum!

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