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Meal Plans Week of 5-1-11 and 5-8-11

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First week of May. Last week before baby. Although theoretically the baby could come any time. So I’m going to post plans for the next 2 weeks today. Not that much going on this week since everything is pretty much ready and I’m trying to take it easy. Just some last minute odds and ends.

Last week was pretty low key. I actually got quite a bit of misc. cleaning done. And the basement is looking much better too. I did try a little more grain free baking – apple cinna-muffins and coconut flour bread. Both very good. I started a batch of sauerkraut. It should be ready in the next day or so. I’m anxious to try that. I also made a batch of mayo and froze 5 lbs. of butter. We had our last day of gymnastics. So glad that is done. I don’t think I could make it through another class. We were able to get outside a little bit…the brief moments when the rain finally stopped πŸ˜›  Yesterday’s outdoor play was cut short by Rebecca’s first sliver. Not pleasant, but thankfully we eventually got it all out.

I found one more food last week that did not agree with me at all – asparagus. We roasted some for dinner one night. I think I’m still paying for that πŸ˜›

This week I want to really focus on nourishing/healing food in preparation for the birth/hospital stay (with antibiotics and junk food). Lots of probiotic food. Lots of eggs. Lots of broth. I don’t have much on my agenda. I’m trying to take it easy and get rest while I can. The main thing is last minute baby prep. I need to make sure my hospital bag is packed well and add a few snacks to it. Aside from that it’s mostly prepping stuff for Rebecca/grandparents while I’m gone.

One thing on my list is to order our beef and pork for the year. We have never done pork in the past, but I think we will give it a try this year. Probably Grassfield’s. For beef we are still debating about where to get it from. We have a couple options. Our main focus this year is to for sure avoid anything with GMOs or soy. Hopefully we can decided for sure in the next couple days and place our order. One more thing to not have to worry about after the baby πŸ™‚

So, this week…today is church. Nothing going on Monday (not used to that!). Tuesday we’ll be voting. Hopefully that will only take about 5 minutes. It’s just across the street…voting on one item. Wednesday is Kindermusik. And I just realized it will be my last day of KM with Rebecca. Very sad. This is her last semester of Our Time (18m – 3yr class). And the last time I get to go wtih her. Next week she’ll be going with grandma (the last class of the semester). Then next semester she’ll be in the older class…where she’ll be on her own for most of the class. I’ll really miss our special time in KM. We’ll have to decide if we’re going to do the baby class in the fall or not. In the afternoon I have my last OB check up. Hard to believe. Thursday is stock up day. I’ll be going to Harvest Health and Meijer to stock up on milk, produce, etc. for the following week. Friday is our last day of MOPS for the year. I’m hoping to go, but we’ll see how I’m feeling. Sitting for long periods is very tough for me/makes my leg swelling worse. So we’ll see. Maybe I’ll go and just have to make myself get up periodically. Saturday we were thinking about going to Tulip Time, but it’s more likely we’ll just stay home, take it easy and get all of the last minute things done so we can totally relax on Sunday.

Next week…Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s still TBD whether or not I’ll go to church. Sitting in church is tough. And any final prep. My parents will be coming in the evening for dinner, to get settled, etc. since they’ll be watching Rebecca for a couple days. Then Monday morning bright and early (have to leave home about 5:15 am!) it’s baby time!!! Hopefully by about 8 am we’ll have a new member of our family. Beyond that, no plans πŸ™‚  Recover, introduce Rebecca to her new sibling, etc. We’ll do a grandparent swap on Tuesday (Justin’s parents will come in the afternoon). I’ll either be coming home Wednesday or Thursday. Likely Thursday, but you never know. If I’m feeling well I might be so anxious to get home. We’ll probably have some family visit over the weekend. Mostly my siblings. But nothing is planned at this point. I may or may not have meal plans posted for a few weeks. I’m sure we’ll get quite a few meals brought to us. So no way to plan right now. I doubt most of it will be stuff I can eat. So I’m planning to rely on my freezer stock of meat, broth and veggies. And eat lots of eggs πŸ™‚  Simple and nourishing.

I guess that’s it. Feels weird to have all of the plans set for who knows how long. I’m just so anxious to have this baby and move on from the pregnancy phase. With everything we went through to get to this point I feel like I’ve been pregnant/waiting for about 2 years now! We’re all ready to take this next step and add a member to the family. Not to mention I’m really ready to have my body back πŸ˜›  If my swelling gets any worse I think Justin will have to roll me out the door to get to the hospital. Hopefully by next week I’ll still have one pair of shoes I can get on my feet and one shirt I can fit over my belly πŸ˜›

In case you’re interested. Here’s how I feel captured in pictures :\

Here’s what’s on the menu.
Week of 5-1-11
S (prep lunch, church)
  B – avocado w/ egg yolk, coconut flour bread w/ almond pecan butter (me), pancake muffins w/ syrup, pineapple (Justin)
  L – beef veggie soup, crackers w/ cheese
  D – salmon cakes, roasted asparagus and brussels sprouts

 M (living room, kitchen and basement cleaning, put away laundry, pick out Rebecca’s clothes for next week)
  B – leftover salmon cakes, avocado (me), muffins (from freezer), fruit (Justin)
  D – pork chops and apples over rice, peas (Justin), beef veggie soup (me)

T (prep smoothie, make breakfast cookies, vote)
  B – kefir smoothies, breakfast cookies
  D – tacos, peas

W (prep dinner, clean kitchen, KM, Dr. E.)
  B – beef veggie soup (me), chewy granola bar, fruit (Justin)
  D – bacon, peas and broccoli crustless quiche, beans

Th (office/desk cleaning, Meijer/HH, soak nuts, dry nuts)
  B – avocado w/ egg yolk (me), hot cross bun, pineapple (Justin)
  D – roasted chicken, peas, baked potatoes

F (clean, laundry, MOPS?, make broth, soak beans)
  B – bacon, toast (Justin), avocado w/ egg yolk (me)
  D – leftover quiche, beans, roasted asparagus, applesauce

S (make hm dressing, cook beans, chop fruits and veggies, make kefir, feed sd, co-op order, make gf muffins, make hummus, last minute baby prep/packing/cleaning, put away laundry)
  B – avocado w/ egg yolk (me), yogurt, granola, pineapple parfait (Justin)
  D – enchiladas (from freezer), corn (Justin), leftover quiche, avocado (me)

Week of 5-8-11
S (Mother’s Day, church?, parents coming, final baby/guest prep, prep smoothie, thaw blueberries, thaw goulash, thaw bread)
  B – avocado w/ egg yolk (me), sd english muffin, fruit (Justin)
  L – leftover soup, crackers w/ cheese (use up leftovers) – enchiladas, bacon, strawberry milkshake, chips, veggie (Justin), yogurt/kefir w/ egg yolks and crispy nuts (me)
  D – navy bean hummus w/ tortilla chips and pepper slices, pear slices, hot dogs, beans

M (BABY!!!)
  B – kefir smoothie, blueberries (Rebecca), yogurt, granola, fruit (Justin), toast w/ pb/jam, fruit (grandparents) (No breakfast for me :\ )
  L – hot dogs, hummus, pepper slices, yogurt raisins
  D – goulash, corn, applesauce

T (my parents leaving/in-laws coming)
  B – blueberries, homemade cherry bar or apple raisin bar (Rebecca), toast w/ pb/jam, cherry bars (grandparents)
  L – leftover goulash, peas, applesauce
  D – chili, corn muffins

W (KM)
  B – breakfast cookies, fruit, yogurt
  L – leftover chili, corn muffins (if any) else pb/honey sandwiches, misc. fruit, veggies
  D – beef veggie soup, sourdough bread

Th (come home)
  B – oatmeal muffins, yogurt, fruit
  L – chicken w/ honey mustard dressing, peas or pepper slices, yogurt raisins (Rebecca), chicken sandwiches, pepper slices, fruit (grandparents…on the road?)
  D – beef veggie soup

F (visitors)
  beef veggie soup

S (laundry)
  salmon egg casserole, roasted asparagus


  1. Sara says:

    Hope you love the sauerkraut. I thought you had made some before, too? Most folks don’t eat their kraut for 3-6 months after fermenting. It’s something that just gets better with age. We didn’t touch ours for 5 months. I’m still eating the stuff I made in September. It’s good for at least a year.

    You guys must have had completely different weather than us last week. We were outside every day but one. Our late afternoons/evenings were nice and sunny. Bummer about the sliver! πŸ™ But at least you made it 3 years without one! Carson had one his first summer – and has had at least two each year since.

    Hard to believe the final countdown is finally here!! We will be praying for you all especially much this week and next. And we can’t wait to meet your new little one!! We still don’t know if we’ll be out Friday night before Isa’s open house (if we’re even going to the open house) or Saturday. I’ll let you know as soon as I know. πŸ™‚

  2. Mary Voogt says:

    Yeah, I did make saurkraut last year. But I wasn’t sure I did it right. Hard to tell if it was just fermented or had gone bad. And then I was paranoid about it when I was pg. I eventually tossed it. This is the recipe in the GAPS book. It’s ready after 5-7 days. I know sauerkraut gets better with age. But I don’t have that kind of time right now πŸ˜› If this is good I’ll have to make more to have time to set a bit. I just made 1 quart. It should last a while since you’re only supposed to start with a small amount at a time on GAPS.

    I soooo wish today was the 8th. Each day gets harder and harder. Today tops them all πŸ™ Not sure I can handle much more. I couldn’t even sit through the whole church service. I’m beyond miserable at this point. 8 days sounds like an eternity right now. You know it’s bad when I just broke down and drank a little pop to try to get my innards to move some gas. I NEVER drink pop…ever. It’s my last resort today. Not sure what else to do. I feel like my whole body is going to burst…especially my feet and belly.

    No big deal about visiting plans. I just want to avoid having you guys and J&J over at the same time…you know how chaotic it can get πŸ˜› Hopefully it will be nice and the kids can play outside/get their energy out instead of running around crazy by the baby. Just let us know when you decide. I haven’t heard any plans from them either. We won’t be going to the open house πŸ˜›

  3. Sara says:

    Hope your kraut turns out! I’m sure it will. You’ll have to post your results and verdict.

    Wow, I cannot believe you drank pop! πŸ™‚ You really must feel crummy. Did it work? Hope it didn’t make you even more bloated… that’s what it does to me. Its like instantaneous bloat.

    I doubt we’d be there at the same time as Poiriers. Your mom said they aren’t going to the open house and that’s really the only way we’d chance being there at the same time, I think… if we were both going to Isa’s open house.

    Your legs and feet do look pretty swollen. Brings back memories for me. ;-P Hope the swelling goes down quickly for you! You should post a picture of your last week with Rebecca and last week with this baby on your family blog just for comparison. πŸ™‚

  4. The Voogts says:

    I have to take pics and then I’ll post about the sauerkraut.

    The pop did help a little. I know in the long run it doesn’t do me any favors, but sometimes I need some temporary relief to get through and not have a meltdown. Oddly enough the carbonation helps push the gas out for me πŸ˜›

    As I’m writing this Julie just emailed me saying they want to visit before or after the open house on the 13th. So I guess they are going. Any idea if you’d want to visit before or after?

    With Rebecca the swelling took a while to go down…gotta pee it all out πŸ˜› But hopefully there will at least be some impreovment right away. My legs feel like they are bruised from my thigh to my ankle.

    I should post pics. Maybe I will. Thanks for the idea.

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