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The Letter A

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As part of Rebecca’s homeschool preschool this year we’re working on a new letter each week and basing a lot of our activities on that letter. So I thought I’d start making a post for each letter as a way to remember what we did/look back if we need ideas to review letters. I’ll try to post all the things we learned that week (a few won’t be related to the letter, but most will). Our first week we didn’t do too much since we were just getting started/trying to figure things out. Hopefully as the weeks go on we’ll get more creative and have lots of fun. I try to do a new character trait each week (didn’t start until B week) and focus on how we have in the past and can now live it out. I also try to do some kind of craft/project and often a baking project. Plus other misc. stuff. And we always work on writing our letters, learning what sounds they make and thinking of words that start with the letter. We also do a new number each week and work on counting/math. Sometimes we do outings and scince projects as well. And every Tuesday we have social/music time in Kindermusik. We get an assignment each week that I’ll add to our list. And every other Friday is MOPS. Rebecca has a class there as well for social time, crafts and stories.

The Letter A

Baking project – Apple pear crisp
Name recognition – she can recognize her whole name when she sees it written
Number – 1, 2
Kindermusik assignment – story telling

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  1. Sara says:

    Great idea to keep track of it on the blog. I love browsing homeschool blogs when I have the time (which is extremely rare… but I do enjoy it).

    They really focus on name recognition (written properly) and spelling of the child’s name in the 3yo class at Faith, as well. They find their name card every morning and place it in the basket. And they work on spelling their names when they do their projects and put their names on them.

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