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The Letter B

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The Letter B

Character – Brave
Baking project – peanut butter Brownies
Play time – Building with Blocks
B animals – bear, bunny, baboon, beaver, bug, bee, beetle, bird
Art project – painting pictures of things that start with B (balloons, birds, balls, boxes)
Birthday – she now knows her birthday
Number – 3
Kindermusik assignment – glisando (record Rebecca doing some form of glisando…she did it on her slide whistle)


  1. Sara says:

    I’m not sure if you’d be interested, or not… but we get some things sent home every week from Faith on their lessons each week. Kevin has been scanning them to save/have access to electronically. I can share them with you if you’re interested at all. Just for more ideas… not that you need them. You’ve got a great list here!

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