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Fat-filled Vegetables/GAPS Gravy

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I started this post yesterday, but didn’t have time to finish it. I wanted to share how I’ve been eating my vegetbales lately and trying to get more fat in my diet. Then when I was making dinner last night I thought…I guess this will work for more than just vegetables. This is kind of a recipe for gravy…that does not contain grains! I used it for our leftover turkey…yum! It was an accidental recipe…just happened to try something last week since I was trying to increase my fat and vegetable intake. I figured I’d make vegetables in broth and have kind of a soup. I let my veggies cook longer than usual because I was busy with the kids. I returned to the pan pleasantly surprised. I ended up with something very delicious and nutritious. Love it when that happens. Here’s the rest of the post I started yesterday…
This isn’t much of a recipe, but I wanted to share a method I’ve been using lately to easily get lots of healthy fat, broth and well cooked veggies in my diet…without feeling like I’m floating away from drinking tons of broth, etc. I add a couple Tbsp. of lard, butter, coconut oil to a pan (anywhere from 2 – 6 Tbsp. total). And some homemade stock or broth. I also add some frozen (could be fresh too) vegetables and seasoning. I let it simmer for a while until the vegggies absorb some of the liquid and it reduces until it’s almost like a gravy. So flavorful! And so nutritious.
You can use this method without the veggies as well and just let the sauce reduce then serve it over anything you like or even stir it into soup. Adjust quantities for more people.

This stems from some information I read on the GAPS site. Dr. CMB says that to get rid of constipation you need to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. To do this “we need more animal fat with meals, and we need to change the ratio of vegetables to meats in our meals (less muscle meats and more vegetables with gelatinous meats.” So I am working on it. But then I also read that ” many cases of persistent constipation are due to poor bile production. When there is not enough bile, the fats in the food do not digest well; instead they react with salts and form soap in the gut, causing constipation.” So I have to find the right balance. To help with the bile production Dr. CMB suggests you “introduce freshly pressed juices earlier in the diet, from stage 2: start from carrot juice first thing in the morning and take your cod liver oil at the same time. The juice will stimulate bile production.”

It’s all about experimenting and learning what works for your body and finding the right balance. I’m still working on it. I think I need to add some foods to increase my bile production so I can handle fats better. But at least I have a great recipe for a healthy, safe gravy now. This is also great for kids if you have a hard time getting them to drink broth. The broth gets super concentrated…but it’s still there.

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Fattened Veggies/GAPS Gravy
1 serving

2-6 Tbsp. fat of choice (I like to use a combo of butter, lard and coconut oil)
1/2 – 3/4 cup broth or stock
1 cup favorite frozen or fresh veggies
seasoning (I use sea salt and garlic powder)

Combine all ingredients in a small pan. Simmer for about 20 minutes, or until all the liquid reduces to a gravy.

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