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Meal Plans Week of 8-5-12

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First full week in August. We still have a month before school, but I’m already getting nervous 😛  I’m not ready for my baby to be in school! Thankfully she is 🙂

Last week we kept busy…especially in the kitchen. I think I had baking withdrawal on vacation or something. Or I was just in the mood to be creative. Thanks to my husband for putting up with so many extra dishes 🙂

This week we have plenty going on. Today is church. Monday we need to go to Target and Heffron Farms. I realized yesterday we are almost out of meat! Aside from some beef we don’t have much in the freezer. I’ll get some at Heffron and order some from the co-op. Tuesday is farmer’s market and voting. I’m also going to do some nutritional testing. My friend Amy is a chiropractor. She told me they do some simple nutritional testing and can help me get the supplements my body needs. I’m so excited!! Wednesday and Friday we don’t have any set plans. We could go to the zoo or the library. Thursday we will probably meet my SIL and niece and nephew in Lansing. And we could potentially see them again on Saturday since they will be in town.

I’m not sure yet what all I’ll be doing in the kitchen. I’m sure there will be beans to freeze. I have to decide if I want to do one more round of corn or not. Maybe more zucchini. Soon I’ll start thinking about canning, starting with spaghetti sauce. I’ll need to make a new batch of pesto. I might make sd breakfast cookies. I also need to make a new batch of broth. I have my last jar in the fridge right now. Hopefully I can get some decent chicken tomorrow for that. Rebecca has some ideas of things she’d like to make as well. One of them being “blueberry bread cereal.” We’ll see if we can create something. She said we need to have it for breakfast 3 days this week…no more, no less 🙂

I’m doing ok. I’ve been craving salad lately…so I’ve been eating it. I normally eat mostly soft/easily digested foods. But sometimes my body tells me I need to change it up. I’ve been eating the same things over and over again lately…which leads to deficiencies. So I needed some variety. As long as I don’t go overboard. I’m a big fan of listening to your body. It really is quite a marvelous creation of God…and it knows just what it needs.

I’ve been having major issues with a tingling/burning tongue lately. I’ve read that it can be related to mineral deficiency, particularly magnesium. I get it periodically, but it’s been bad the last week, every day for a good portion of the day. I can’t pinpoint it to a certain food. So I don’t know if it’s a particular food that causes it, a deficiency, an allergy, hormones, yeast/thrush or what. As far as I know I have no allergies at all (food, seasonal, etc.). So I don’t think it’s that. We’ll see if adding some good vitamin/mineral supplements makes it go away. Whatever the case my body is definitely trying to tell me something.

I’m keeping a log of what Rebecca eats every day to see if I notice any correlation between food and behavior. So I might try to do some gluten free days here and there for her. We’ll see how it goes.

On to the menu.
S (prep lunch, prep smoothies, church, grind flour)
  B – breakfast bars, fruit
  L – cp pork chops, potatoes and carrots
  D – grilled brats, grilled mushrooms, sweet potato fries, beans

M (freeze beans, Target/Heffron)
  B – smoothie, sd blueberry muffins
  D – cheeseburger zucchini boats, fresh beans, applesauce

T (make pesto, freeze butter, skim cream, fm, vote, make ice cream, nutr. testing, freeze zucchini, cut up watermelon)
  B – yogurt, granola, fruit
  D – tacos, peas, applesauce

W (freeze corn, prep dinner, chop veggies, bake squash, make “cereal,” make ice cream, library, make broth)
  B – smoothie, english muffin
  D – cp roasted chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted potatoes
Th (strain/freeze broth, boil eggs, Lansing)
  B – hard boiled egg, toast
  D – squash and sausage soup, cornbread

F (make breakfast cookies)
  B – sd breakfast cookie, smoothie
  D – cornbread french toast, fruit topping, mixed fruit, sausage

S (clean)
  B – leftovers or tbd
  D – fried fish, fresh beans, sweet potato fries

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