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Meal Plans Week of 8-25-13

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It’s our final week before school and schedules begin. I’m hoping it will be somewhat relaxing.

We’ve got church. Justin and Rebecca are going to a baseball game. I need to go to Harvest Health and the farmer’s market. I’m hoping we can go to the park and maybe finally stop by my grandma’s house. We have Rebecca’s school open house and a psychologist appointment. Rebecca and I are also getting our before school hair cuts.

Tooth #4 is out!

One big thing going on this week is that we are having our house painted. We are also getting a bunch of chickens on Friday, so I’ll have to refresh my memory on how to cut up a chicken.

It’s getting to crunch time for food preservation. This is the time of year when you have so many things to do at once. I’ve started on corn, but I’d like to do a little more. Our tomatoes are getting ripe…which means time for canning spaghetti sauce!! Free stone peaches are available, so I want to can those soon. And we still have beans to freeze. Maybe I can get caught up on those today while Justin and Rebecca are at the game and Abram is napping.

Aside from the preservation I need to do some breakfast food baking. And I’d like to make a peach cobbler or crisp if I have time. Plus some kind of gluten free baked good for myself to be sure I have snacks on hand.

There is not a whole lot to say about myself. I’m still taking each day one step at a time. I’m doing my best to eat well and sleep enough. I took a nap every day last week. And I continued to push my OCD. I slept another 10 minutes later yesterday. And I’ve been dropping some of my compulsions during the day. Some days I have a lot of energy. Others I feel like I could sleep the entire day. Some days I feel ok physically. Some days my whole body hurts from the swelling. Some days I’m so hungry I feel like I could empty the cupboards. And some days I have no appetite at all. I’m doing my best to listen to my body and give it what it asks for. Despite the hard days I feel like I’m making good progress and am healing. I’ve been able to eat small amounts of some of my sensitive foods without any noticeable reactions.

I look forward to the day I can do a big update when I have experienced a lot of healing. In the mean time I really hope I have the focus and energy to get some recipes posted this week!!

I went with another simple menu this week. Hopefully I can keep up with the food preservation. What’s going on in your kitchen this week? Eet smakelijk!!


S (prep smoothies, church, baseball game, freeze beans)
  B – leftover eggs, toast, fruit salad (J), yogurt, fruit, zucchini muffin (M), granola /w milk, fruit (R/A)
  L – baseball game (J/R), misc. (M/A)
  D – grilled pork burgers, grilled zucchini, fruit

M (bake breakfast item, HH)
  B – smoothies, baked good
  D – tacos, peas, fruit

T (FM, park)
  B – yogurt, granola, fruit
  D – pan seared salmon, baked potatoes, broccoli w/ cheese

W (soak beans, visit grandma?, open house, WT)
  B – smoothies, baked good
  D – (early) – cp ribs, cheesy mashed potatoes, beans

Th (boil eggs, cook beans, prep sauce, soak flour, Dr. M.)
  B – hard boiled egg, toast
  D – zucchini enchiladas (modified to make them healthier and so I can eat them), fruit

F (bake gf baked good, chickens)
  B – granola w/ milk, fruit
  D – soaked gf pancakes w/ sliced peaches and whipped cream, squash or peas

S (hair cut, cut up chicken)
  B – pancakes
  D – homemade gf pizza, beans

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