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Goals of the Month – October 2013

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It’s October. But it sure doesn’t feel like it! It’s sunny and 70’s. I’m loving it. Although I wouldn’t mind it being slightly cooler.

We are starting to get settled into routines. I continue to try to make progress on my health and figure out a good balance in all areas of my life.

No major goals this month. Just keep moving. Here’s what I have planned. Do you have any specific goals for this month?

1. Healing

  *Continue to push my OCD – sleep in more, eliminate compulsions, give up control. I will also be using my afternoon free time to do my baking and experimenting. It will be a good distraction for me.

  *Start seeing a chiropractor to help with healing and overall body function and to address my scoliosis. I hope to also do some massage therapy.   
  *Exercise regularly – walking, jogging, biking, yoga, kettlebells, hooping, jumping (whatever I feel like each day) 

  *I hope my swelling/fluid retention starts to go down at some point this month. I’m wondering if it could partly be due to estrogen dominance. I will be doing more research on that.   
  *Hopefully purchase a Berkey water filter to remove fluoride (and other heavy metals) from our water.

2. Writing

I think I might be ready to give a health update soon. I don’t know how long it will take or how tough it will be, but I want to tell a little more of my story. So be on the lookout. Hopefully I’ll do it this month.

3. Food

  *Can applesauce

  *Gluten free baking experiments

4. Mommy-Daughter Date

Rebecca and I are going to the ballet to see The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe with my mother-in-law.

5. Crafts

It’s October now. I suppose I should start thinking about Christmas. Maybe I’ll actually make a few things this year. I will also keep doing weekly crafts with the kids for our toddler homeschool

6. Acceptance

I still have to work on this every day. Accepting myself, accepting my circumstances and accepting others. I will address this more in my health update as well.

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