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Monthly Goals – November 2013

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November…time for the holiday madness to begin. I’m hoping to stay on top of things this month. But also keep my focus on being thankful and letting God be in control. All thanks go to Him. Here is what I have planned for the month.

1. Health and Healing

*Make sleep a priority. I need to work on getting 8 hours of sleep a night or from a combination of night time and nap. My body really needs this to keep healing.

*Chiropractic care. I will be visiting the chiropractor two times a week for the next 11 weeks. I am so excited to see the end results and see if it has any impact on my overall health. I’ve lived my whole life leaning to the left. I’m not sure how it will feel to not do that anymore. I will also be doing more therapeutic massages.

*Exercise. I will continue to try different forms and durations of exercise to see what works best for my body. I’m hoping over time I will be able to increase the intensity a little bit to get back in shape. But my health/the healing process comes first.

*Balance hormones. My main health focus right now is balancing my hormones. I have already seen huge improvements over the last few months. Honestly I am quite amazed. But there is still more to be done. I think I might actually have a problem with low estrogen production. So I’m looking into ways to help that. If I can get my hormones properly balanced I think a lot of my other issues will resolve easily. I am learning that my anxiety, my OCD, my acne, my swelling…a host of issues…are due to hormonal imbalance. Who knows…maybe by the end of the year I’ll have good posture, clear skin and be rid of anxiety and OCD. That would be amazing!

*Healing for my son. Now that my son has been diagnosed with some food allergies I want to keep his health a priority. I am not going to put him on a diet like GAPS. But I will try to incorporate as many healing and nourishing foods in his diet as I can – broth, gelatin, etc.

2. Writing

I have to write my Jan./Feb. article for Real Food and Health magazine. I hope to keep up with plenty of blog posts as well. I know that I post mostly recipes on my blog. That’s my thing. But I would like to branch into other topics as well. Since I’m learning so much about hormones and the female reproductive system maybe I’ll start sharing some of that information as well.

3. Food

*I need to really get busy processing apples – applesauce, dried apples, baked goods.

*I need to keep stocking our cupboards with homemade snacks. I also need to make sure I have plenty of food my son can eat.

4. Mommy Daughter Date

I think our M/D date this month might turn into a whole family outing. We are considering seeing Veggie Tales Live. I think both kids would really enjoy it.

5. Crafts

*I’ve been saying this since January. But I really do want to work on some homemade Christmas gifts. At least some things with the kids. So I’ll be scanning Pinterest for some cute ideas and hopefully get started.

*I will continue to do our weekly homeschool crafts.

6. Acceptance

This month I am going to focus on accepting my body the way it is/being patient with the healing process. And I’m going to focus on the members of my family. I want to focus each day on the things I love about them and try to be positive and encouraging.


  1. Sara says:

    Sounds like a good month ahead! Good luck with all of the healing!

    Veggie Tales Live would be fun! I bet your kids would love it!

    I thought November was going to be a more low key month for me/us.. But I found out last week that I’ll be traveling a bit for work this month (which I didn’t expect… I had only planned on Sault Ste Marie)… London, Ontario; Kansas City, Missouri; and Sault Ste Marie for sure.. Possibly Chicago or DC, also. I have a few photo sessions booked, as well. Plus all of the family stuff we already have planned – like today we are all going to some friends’ house from church for a MSU-UM party, plus a couple of other family things already on the calendar.. And school stuff, and holiday stuff… It’s going to end up being a crazy month again! I’m glad I have about half of my Christmas shopping done already, at least! 🙂

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