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End of Month Recap and Links – October 2013

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Happy Halloween! Another month is coming to an end. Overall October was a good month. I made a lot of progress on my healing. I’m still learning new things every day. And putting all the puzzle pieces together one step at a time. Although the waiting is hard, God is doing great things. I think I did pretty well on my goals this month. I probably could have used a little more rest…but that’s life. Here’s how it went.

1. Healing

  *Continue to push my OCD – sleep in more, eliminate compulsions, give up control. I will also be using my afternoon free time to do my baking and experimenting. It will be a good distraction for me. – I continue to push myself. I am happy with the progress I’ve made.

  *Start seeing a chiropractor to help with healing and overall body function and to address my scoliosis. I hope to also do some massage therapy. – I have had a few chiro appointments now. I am working on fixing my scoliosis and getting some curve back in my neck. The massage is amazing too!

  *Exercise regularly – walking, jogging, biking, yoga, kettlebells, hooping, jumping (whatever I feel like each day)  – I have learned that my body is not quite ready for a lot of cardio. I try to do some weights/kettlebells, yoga, stretching, jumping and hooping most days. Once in a while I bike or walk. I hope I can gradually increase as my body heals.

  *I hope my swelling/fluid retention starts to go down at some point this month. I’m wondering if it could partly be due to estrogen dominance. I will be doing more research on that. – Unfortunately I still have swelling. I think it is hormone-related. And I think (HOPE!) it will gradually subside as my hormones continue to balance.

  *Hopefully purchase a Berkey water filter to remove fluoride (and other heavy metals) from our water. – We decided not to do this right now.

2. Writing

I think I might be ready to give a health update soon. I don’t know how long it will take or how tough it will be, but I want to tell a little more of my story. So be on the lookout. Hopefully I’ll do it this month. – I wrote about how I really spent my summer. It was hard to write, but also very freeing.

3. Food

  *Can applesauce – I just started.

  *Gluten free baking experiments – always 🙂

4. Mommy-Daughter Date

Rebecca and I are going to the ballet to see The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe with my mother-in-law. – We had so much fun at the ballet!

5. Crafts

It’s October now. I suppose I should start thinking about Christmas. Maybe I’ll actually make a few things this year. I will also keep doing weekly crafts with the kids for our toddler homeschool. – I did not start any big crafts. I have kept up with weekly crafts for the kids, though. We are up to letter H this week.

6. Acceptance

 I still have to work on this every day. Accepting myself, accepting my circumstances and accepting others. I will address this more in my health update as well. – This is still tough.  But I try to do it daily.

And now for some interesting reads from fellow bloggers and a recap of my own posts from the month.


A recipe for coconut milk yogurt! I may have to try this for my son.

A fun post on what to give the real foodie in your life…it’s not what you expect…but it is appreciated!

Want to stay healthy? Try honey and cinnamon for colds and flu.

Gutsy gives an in-depth review of h. pylori – what it is and how best to treat it.

Carageenan is in so many products…even the “healthy” organic ones. Girl Meets Nourishment explains exactly what it is.

Oh Lardy gives some great reasons for avoiding low fat dairy.

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