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Meal Plans Week of 4-27-14

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How is it possible that this is the last week of April already? I feel like the weeks are flying by right now. I guess that’s what happens when you are busy and productive.

Last week I had fun meeting up with some fellow Michigan bloggers. I got a really fun book that I’ll be telling you about later this week. My daughter had her six-year check up. She’s doing great!

One of the best parts of last week was my son’s allergy test. After just six months of being careful about how we feed him and focusing on getting him to consume broth and gelatin whenever possible he has dropped several of his allergies! Over the last few days he’s been devouring eggs. This mama has been so overjoyed to see her little guy eating and thoroughly enjoying such a nourishing food again. So far he seems to be tolerating them well. We have yet to try wheat, peas, turkey and nuts. I think we’ll hold off on the nuts for a while still. I feel like I have so many more meal options now! Best of all I have a very happy little boy now that we have reassessed what’s bothering him and cut it out. No more rice or avocado for six months (in addition to dairy, tuna, grapes, bananas and pears).


This week will be pretty busy again. But I will also have to be busy in the house. I continue to tackle my house organizing and cleaning project. Little by little I’m getting through it. I spent 3 1/2 hours organizing and cleaning yesterday. There is still so much work to be done. But I have to put my schedule on overdrive since I want the house clean for my son’s birthday party in less than two weeks.

I also need to start baking this week in preparation for my son’s party. I want to get a few things prepared in advance. I’m holding off on the cake until we introduce wheat and see how it goes. If he tolerates wheat I’ll use that for the cake. I’m not going to jump to giving him wheat all the time even if he does tolerate it. But it will be a nice treat to have a “regular” cake.

In addition to our regular activities my daughter has a dentist appointment, a psychologist appointment and we have another MomBreak meeting.

As usual I’m going for simple meals this week. It’s such a treat to be able to use eggs when I cook again. What’s on your menu? Eet smakelijk!



S (church)
L – chicken meatballs, noodles, broccoli
D – grilled chicken breasts, squash, chips

M (dentist)
D – baked cod, french fries, beans

T (AKM, RKM, make broth)
D – (prep ahead) – cp roast chicken w/ vegetables

W ()
D – hot taco rice/quinoa

Th (Dr. M., dance)
D – (early/separate) – cp corn chowder, bread

F (MB)
D – mini bacon quiches, caramel apple salad, roasted brussels sprouts and cualiflower

S (clean)
D – TBD w/ bacon

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