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Meal Plans Week of 12-28-14

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Allergen Friendly Weekly Menu || Homemade Dutch Apple PieHappy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a blast celebrating as a family and seeing most of our extended family.

Now we have a week to relax and do fun stuff before we go back to normal routines.

We’ll still keep plenty busy. My husband wants to take the kids on a few outings. I’m not sure yet if little one and I will join. Today I will likely visit my grandma. It could be the last time I get to visit her. Her health is failing quickly. Tomorrow I have to do blood work to check my thyroid and vitamin D levels. Little one has her four month check up this week as well.Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

After a very generous Christmas I’ve got kitchen gadgets and dishes to play with! So I’ll be spending plenty of time in the kitchen working on new recipes.  I’ve got some of our new beef bones in the crockpot right now for broth. I’ll probably do a couple rounds of that. I also want to do some cleaning since the kids got so much new stuff. It’s time to purge a little.

I’ve been gradually adding cultured foods into my diet. I’m now taking fermented cod liver oil daily. I’m also drinking water kefir daily. So far I seem to be doing ok with them! I hope that continues.Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Last week we tried pears for my son. I think it went well. So this week we move on to rice!  If he tolerates rice it will really give us so many more options for him.

Next week I’ll be posting my 2015 goals. I’ve got a lot I want to learn in the new year.

I found a source of cheaper bulk gluten free grains. I’m still trying to decide how much to order. As you’ll see in my goals next week (spoiler alert) I am consider adding some properly prepared gluten containing grains into our diet.  Stay tuned for more details.

Last week I posted a couple fun recipes – baked cinnamon sugar donuts and baked pumpkin french toast. I’ve got a couple new recipes coming this week.

Here is our menu for the week. I’ve got lots of delicious and nourishing foods planned. I’m really looking forward to our ham dinner on New Year’s Day.

MENU Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

L- beef vegetable soup, crackers w/ cheese
D – ham and cheese sandwiches, veggies w/ dip, smoothies
*soak flour for sweet bread, make muffins, strain broth, make broth, soak quinoa

D – chicken nuggets, quinoa, roasted cauliflower
*strain broth, soak rice

D – roast chicken legs, squash, rice
*make sweet bread, make broth, soak flour for muffins

D – TBD soup, muffins
*bake muffins, clean

D – ham, scalloped potatoes, beans, strawberry applesauce
*soak flour for donuts

D – bacon, donuts, roasted cauliflower, fruit salad
*soak flour for pizza crust

D – pizza, smoothies
*make crust, make sauce, clean

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