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Allergen Friendly Meal Plans Week of 4-12-15

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Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Allergen Friendly Meal PlansGood morning. Are you ready for the new week? Spring break is over for us, so it’s back to normal routines, orthodontist and mom’s group. Plus I have lots of errands to run.

To top it off this Friday is my daughter’s seventh birthday!  So I’ll be working on birthday treats all week long (two tier cake w/ homemade frosting and decorations, candy bar ice cream and a special school treat too…I can’t wait to share pictures of all of it!). That will keep me busy in the kitchen. Though I’ll still have plenty of other stuff to do just to keep us fed.

I’m trying to keep meals simple this week since we’ll be on the go a lot. We’re low on a lot of cuts of meat (not even one piece of chicken in the house), so it’s getting challenging. At least today I don’t really have to cook. We’ve got lots of leftovers from the weekend since I did a lot of cooking for our guests.Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Weekly Menu

We discovered over the weekend that my little one is extremely sensitive if not allergic to peanuts.  Just a little on her skin caused big red splotches (plus she got hives from me eating a small amount of peanut butter a couple weeks ago). My husband has been getting stomach aches from peanuts lately too. I let my son have peanuts for the first time in a year and a half last week. We’re still watching to see if his body is reacting. So peanuts will be pretty limited around here.

We’re still dealing with tongue issues for my little one. We’ll see how she does with a normal week and not so much extra stimulation from siblings and house guests. We may have to get her re-evaluated or do some other kinds of therapies.

I guess we’re just working on things one day at a time here. Hopefully in the forward/healing direction. Here’s what’s on the menu this week. What are you eating?

Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Menu

B – apple dumpling muffins, yogurt, granola, plums
L – leftover sloppy joes, roasted veggies, fresh veggies
D – leftover lasagna, garlic toast, roasted veggies
*bake sd bread, make cake decorations, grind flour, make powdered sugar

B – muffins, fruit
D – creamy beef and noodles, broccoli
*soak flour for cake, skim cream/make ice cream, boil eggs

B – hard boiled egg, toast
D (prep ahead) – squash and sausage soup, crackers with cheese
*bake cake

B – muffins, yogurt
D (prep ahead) – cp meatloaf, baked potatoes, carrots
*make cake decorations

B – cereal, fruit
D – hashbrown, egg and sausage bake, beans, fruit
*make school treats

B – granola bar, fruit
D – salmon cakes, sweet potato fries, peas
*make frosting/decorate cake, soak flour for pancakes

B (birthday breakfast) – pancakes
D (birthday dinner) – grilled steak and asparagus, french fries
*make strawberry frozen yogurt

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