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Meal Plans Week of 4-1-12

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Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest! Happy Palm Sunday 🙂  And a special morning for me…Abram is still sleeping!

This week is spring break for most schools. So there isn’t much going on. It doesn’t mean much for us since we don’t have kids in school. But it does mean that we don’t have Kindermusik or MOPS. So we have absolutely nothing going on! Well, never nothing. But basically nothing. Today is church. Thursday evening we are going out for dinner for Justin’s birthday. Friday Justin has off of work for Good Friday. That’s pretty much it. I am going to use this week to make progress on Abram’s sleep training. Since we’ll be home every morning we can have a normal nap every day in his crib and have him put himself to sleep. He’s done it 3 days in a row now with less than 10 minutes of crying. And he’s sleeping a lot better at night. Hopefully a week of being home and taking normal naps will really help. We might try to have a park playdate this week. And I might try to visit my grandparents. That’s about it for us. That’s fine with me since last week was pretty busy with milk, Kindermusik, Meijer a park playdate, shopping and lunch with my SIL and nephew and birthday shopping.

Last week I made cookie dough ice cream, yogurt (2 batches), oatmeal muffins, pesto, sour cream, soaked granola (an experimental oat-free version made with wheat and buckwheat…turned out well), kefir, soaked bread, soaked buns and soaked pretzels.

This week I have a pretty long list of things I’d like to make. I’m out of soaked cereal and graham crackers, so I want to make more of both of those. I want to make more sour cream and ice cream (not sure yet what flavor to try this week). Justin often asks about tapioca pudding, but I’ve never made it (and don’t know if I like it or not). So I bought some tapioca pearls recently and want to try making it. I will also be making a cherry pie for Justin’s birthday treat. Rebecca wants to make and decorate Easter cookies (sugar cookies). I also need to make a new batch of mayo and possibly breakfast cookies. Justin would like some cookies to bring to work for his birthday. And I might bring my grandparents a meal/dessert. I could also start my sourdough, but that might wait a week or two yet. If that doesn’t keep me busy enough I can work on my sewing projects. I also would like to do more Easter projects with Rebecca (we did some coloring and made a bunny mask already).

For meals I will be doing some recipe experimenting for my next GRNL post. Rebecca picked out fennel at the store last week, so I still have to figure out how I want to use that. It’s a new veggie for us.

I guess Abram didn’t quite make it long enough for me to finish my post 😛  But I’ll take 6:45 over 3 am any day!

Not much to report on myself. Up and down, up and down. Still trying to figure things out. Some days I feel like I’m making good progress. Some days I feel like I’m back at square one. I’m trying to leave out oats again. And I know that I can’t eat nuts right now (hopefully at some point I can add them back). I’m enjoying lots of ice cream for breakfast 🙂

Here’s what’s on the menu.
S (cook beans, prep lunch, chop veggies, make croutons, church, grind flour, prep smoothies)
  B – french toast
  L – cp rice and beans, applesauce / leftover pea soup
  D – leftover pizza burgers, mozz. sticks, corn / salad w/ mozz sticks, croutons, avocado and cucumber

M (roast beets, soak flour for graham crackers, bake peach bread, bake bars)
  B – smoothies, soaked date scones
  D – grilled “cheese”, roasted brussels sprouts, peaches

T (skim cream, make sour cream, prep dinners, make graham crackers, visit grandparents)
  B – smoothies, peach bread
  D – cp chicken breasts, potatoes, carrots and onions, roasted beet salad

W (make pudding, make ice cream)
  B – toast w/ pb, banana yogurt
  D – recipe experiment, coconut flour bread, pears, pudding

Th (out to eat/Justin’s birthday, make pie)
  B – yogurt, granola, mixed fruit
  D – out to eat – Ucello’s

F (clean, make/decorate cookies)
  B – TBD
  D – frittata, roasted brussels sprouts, recipe experiment

S (pack)
  B – leftover frittata
  D – tuna or crab cakes, roasted fennel

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  1. Sara says:

    Enjoy your week of little plans and getting Abram sleep trained!! That is great that he is sleeping better!!

    Kevin is off on Friday, as well… unfortunately, I’m not, though. Oh well, it will be good for Kevin and Carson to have some time together.

    We had french toast for breakfast this morning, too. 🙂 You will have to let me know how the fennel is. We’re not fans of fennel seed, the spice… don’t like the anise flavor… but I think raw fennel isn’t supposed to be as bad from what I’ve heard. I’m sure there are some recipes for it in my Asparagus to Zucchini cookbook and probably my other CSA-inspired cookbooks. I’ll have to look.

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