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Meal Plans Week of 3-2-14

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It’s March!! Finally. Yet I still don’t feel great, and the weather is still very cold and snowy. That’s not what I expected. All in good time.

Last week was somewhat busy…but not super productive. I had high hopes of getting things done. But my body did not agree. This week is another busy one. Hopefully it will be more productive as well.

We have church, Kindermusik, a check up with my OB, a doctor appointment for my daughter and MomBreak. I’m so excited I get to hear my friend Donielle from Natural Fertility and Wellness speak (and spend some time chatting with her too)!

I don’t have any big plans in the kitchen yet. I hope that soon I’ll have the energy to start experimenting and baking again. I could make a new batch of gummies, some kind of breakfast baked good (muffins or banana bread), pudding (if we have enough milk) and cookies.

I’m so excited that I finally finished my last post for 2013! Come back tomorrow to check it out! I was amazed at how difficult it was to write it. But I’m glad I did. Now I can finally focus on 2014 and the rest of the year ahead.

I might try working with my son a bit on expanding his pallet starting this week. He has become quite picky over the last year. With his allergies on top of it I struggle to feed him healthy, nourishing food. So I’m going to take my own advice for a picky eater and see how it goes.

Now to figure out meals my family can and will eat for another week. What’s on your menu? Eet smakelijk!!


S (prep lunch, church, make pizza crust, make gummies?)
L – cp chicken and vegetables
D – homemade gluten free pizza w/ pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions and olives

M (make cookies, soak beans)
D – tacos

T (cook beans, prep dinner, AKM, RKM)
D – (prep ahead) – cp chili, TBD

W (make pesto, Dr. E.)
D – pesto chicken pasta, garlic toast, roasted brussels sprouts and cauliflower

Th (Dr. M., dance)
D – (early) – macaroni and cheese, beans

F (MB)
D – bacon, scrambled eggs, baked apples, broccoli

S ()
D – gf corn dogs, french fries, guacamole w/ chips

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